Propagandist Manish Kashyap, who abused Shah Rukh Khan for his Muslim name and ran campaign against Pathaan, surrenders after police attach properties; faces ridicule


Propagandist Manish Kashyap, who routinely abused Shah Rukh Khan for his Muslim name and ran a sustained campaign against Pathaan, was forced to surrender before the Bihar Police after cops began attaching his properties. The notorious YouTuber has now become a butt of social media jokes.

Kashyap is accused of uploading fake videos alleging killings of Bihari workers in Tamil Nadu. His alleged act was designed to cause tension between the governments of Bihar and Tamil Nadu enmity between the people of both the states.

No sooner did the news of Kashyap’s surrender become public, the man known for running propaganda against Muslims started facing widespread ridicule.

Journalist Dilip Mandal wrote, “Manish Kashyap was arrested for this provocative video. I told him that the video was fake. Delete it. Police can make concessions. But who listens to well wishers these days! He got arrested. His house was also attached. Everything is gone. @tnpoliceoffl will also call (for interrogation). What did he get?”

Another user, Sakshi, shared a video of police taking away Kashyap’s assets including his expensive bikes, as she took a potshot at the accused.

One user, Zamaan, wrote, “When the property started being confiscated, Manish Kashyap surrendered out of fear.”

Twitter user, Surya Born To Win, wrote, “A Bihar fake news peddler and hate monger YouTuber Manish Kashyap who has several cases filed against him by the Bihar and Tamil Nadu police IS ARRESTED by @bihar_police for indulging in spreading fake videos of migrants being killed and beaten up in Tamil Nadu on Social Media and his YouTube Channel. He is one of the core Sanghee and serial offender, previously he shared multiple fake news/ misleading facts.”

Twitter user Lala wrote, “Property seized, Accounts frozen, Had to surrender. Person Supporting state migrant workers is more dangerous than one who was responsible for six deaths and riots across the country #ManishKashyap.”

Kashyap and other accused are facing the heat for allegedly posting fake videos and claiming that Bihari workers were facing persecution in Tamil Nadu. Videos allegedly posted by them had caused tension between the governments of Bihar and Tamil Nadu. However, soon it emerged that there was no truth to these videos and Kashyap and his gang members had merely tried to cause unprecedented tension with their alleged mischief.

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The Tamil Nadu Police have also registered more than a dozen cases in the matter, meaning that the trouble for Kashyap may have just begun after today’s arrest.

Many believe that Kashyap targeted Bollywood artists with Muslim names due to his hatred for India’s minorities. He called Shah Rukh Khan ‘hakla’ and attacked him for endorsing paan masala brand. The notorious fake news peddler did not launch similar attacks on Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar even though they also featured in the same ad with Shah Rukh.

In one video, he implied that only Hindus were patriots, thereby causing enmity amongst India’s diverse religious groups.