Priyanka Chopra’s confessional ‘Oops, Caught Red Handed’ tweet after Maharashtra Police ‘warns’ of ‘seven years imprisonment’


The trailer of Priyanka Chopra’s much-awaited The Sky Is Pink was out on Tuesday causing quite a storm on social media platforms. Within hours of its release, the trailer has clocked more than 17 million views. However, the focus of the conversation soon shifted from the nuances of Priyanka’s acting or the film’s storyline to a tweet by the Maharashtra Police warning of ‘seven years imprisonment’ in response to Priyanka’s dialogue in the trailer.

Priyanka Chopra

At one point in the film, Priyanka is seen telling her husband, played by Farhan Akhtar, “Ek baar Aisha theek ho jaye, phir saath mein bank lootenge. (Once Aisha is better, we will rob a bank together).” Aisha’s character is played by Zaira Wasim.

Reacting to that line uttered by Priyanka, the Maharashtra Police took to Twitter to remind Priyanka about the consequences of looting a bank (all in good humour). It wrote, “Seven years imprisonment with fine under IPC Section 393.”

Pat came Priyanka’s response, “Oops ?? caught red handed… time to activate Plan B.”

Farhan too joined the conversation as he wrote, “Hahaha never planning heists on camera again.”

The Sky Is Pink is a story of motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary, who later died after being diagnosed with Busulfan Lung Disorder. While Zaira plays the character of Aisha, Rohit Saraf plays the character of her brother in the film. The film is scheduled to hit cinemas on 11 October.