Preity Zinta hits out at Paparazzi: “Is work beyond manners?”


Preity Zinta says she does not like the way photographers pounce on her to take pictures as it makes the actress uncomfortable.

The 41-year-old star slammed the increasing paparazzi culture in the country, saying these days no one politely asks for a photograph.

In a series of tweets the actress wrote, “I would like to tell everyone (specially the photographers with big flashes ) that lurk in the dark a few things. Please don’t jump on us or push our parents or kids or friends and family for a photo.

Ask politely or you will never get a proper photo!”

She further said that photographers should not “make news” saying that stars misbehaved with them, because if their bodyguards push lensmen, they have a valid reason.

“If a star’s security pushes you there is a GOODENOUGH Reason that you deserved it so stop making news about how badly behaved we are.

“Please. If I don’t want to be photographed I will hide my face. Not becasue I have had a bad surgery, or have no make up or whatever. It just means NO. It’s my face, my life and my choice! If I’m dying to be photographed I will post it on twitter or Instagram so please be polite or okay bye.”

Preity was quick to take on body shamers, writing, “Next time you take my picture don’t look for body parts you can circle or put in a loop later on to body shame me & make money for you ?? You & Me – we both have to live here.

“If you are more considerate & decent you will probably get great images and leave the kids alone.I hope I could represent every actor & star in this dialogue with the other side. I am making a genuine attempt so things can go smoothly,” she said.

(With inputs from PTI)