Praise or insult?: Salman Khan leaves fans puzzled with ‘TV’s Katrina Kaif’ title for Jasmin Bhasin on Bigg Boss; Shehnaaz Gill had called herself Punjab’s Katrina Kaif


Former Bigg Boss contestant Shehnaaz Gill may have long claimed to be the Katrina Kaif of Punjab, but Salman Khan has found another contestant, who he thinks looks like his ex-girlfriend. The Bollywood superstar made the revelation recently while presenting one of the weekend episodes. Salman declared Jasmin Bhasin, also a friend of former Bigg Boss winner Siddharth Shukla, the Katerina Kaif of the Indian TV industry.
Katrina Kaif

Salman told Jasmin, “Ab mujhe pata chala hai ki tum mujhe itni acchi kyun lagti ho.(I just realised why I like you so much).” Jasmin replied blushingly, “I’m happy that you like me.”

Salman continued, “kyunki tum television ki Katrina Kaif ho (That’s because you are the Katrina Kaif of television).” Stunned by Salman’s sudden compliments, Jasmin asked, “Are you serious? Who said this?” Salman replied, “Somebody told me that I have got the Katrina Kaif of TV and she’s doing great.”

Jasmin said, “I anyway had a huge crush on you. Now when you say this, then mujhe kuch kuch hota hai (I get overwhelmed romantically).”

It’s, however, not clear whether Salman was mocking Jasmin for her answer on the definition of chairs or indeed paying honest compliments. This all started after Salman asked Jasmin to explain dining chairs will still be called dining chairs after being removed from the dining table. Jasmin had replied, “Chairs are chairs. They belong to the dining table when they are next to the dining table and belong to the bedroom when they are placed inside the bedroom.”

The last season of Bigg Boss saw not one but two contestants claiming to be lookalikes of Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriends. While Shehnaaz Gill identified herself as Punjab’s Katrina Kaif, Himanshi Khurana had told Salman Khan that she considered herself as Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai. This had not gone down well with the Bollywood superstar, who was seen losing his temper on more than one occasion.