Piyush Goyal’s tweet endorsing comedian’s video ‘confirms’ PM Modi signed Rafale deal to help Anil Ambani


Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday posted a video of comedian Raju Srivastava slamming the critics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, little did he realise that his action will backfire spectacularly as he began to face journalists’ ire for confirming the opposition charge on the controversial Rafale deal.

Piyush Goyal

Piyush Goyal had posted a video, seemingly recorded to boost the image of Modi’s image as a true patriot in the election year. While posting the video, Goyal wrote, “Identify those who point fingers at the country’s prime minister in the garb of democracy.”

In the video, tweeted by Goyal, Srivastava is seen criticising Modi’s detractors and making fun of those, who abuse the prime minister by taking advantage of their ‘freedom of expression.’ The once popular stand-up comedian also takes a veiled dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi for calling the prime minister a thief. He then goes on to say, “Friends, a prime minister’s post has its own respect. A prime minister does not belong to one party….We are fortunate that Narendra Modi ji was born in India.”

This line is followed by a huge round of applause, clearly suggesting that the video has been recorded at the behest of the BJP to boost Modi’s image, which has taken a serious beating following his inability to prevent his party’s defeat in three states that went to polls recently.

Srivastava continues, repeating Modi’s famous line that he was a humble man, a faqueer (beggar). He says, “He’s a beggar-like man. In reality, Modi is a God-send person.”

Srivastava then adds that Modi signed the controversial Rafale deal to help Anil Ambani. He says, “Modi ji knew exactly what the Indian armed forces needed. This resulted in the signing of the Rafale deal so that the Air Force could be strengthened.” Srivastava continues with his inimitable style while mimicking Modi and adds, “Modi ji then told HAL that ‘you finish the work that you’ve already been given. I will give the Rafale deal to a private company. This is also a truth. Are you happy with all government organisations?”

To justify his claims, Srivastava mentions the public broadcaster, highlighting just how pathetic it was and Indians were forced to watch Doordarshan only because they did not have better alternatives. “Do you travel in government buses? Only when you are compelled to do so. Who wants to go to a government hospital? Do you want to send your kids to government schools?”

The last night line of Srivastava’s promotional video says it all as he signs off, “Statutory warning, people from Bangladesh and Pakistan living in India illegally can abuse me after watching this video, thank you.”

Journalists were left aghast at the intellect of Piyush Goyal for not detecting that despite some creditworthy statements, passed off as comedy, the supposed comedy video of Srivastava is essentially a source of huge embarrassment for Modi. By promoting his video, not only has Goyal confirmed that Modi had personally favoured Anil Ambani in securing the Rafale deal, but he has also conceded that government institution under Modi were symbol of poor governance.

Journalist Rohini Singh tweeted, “Wow. So @PiyushGoyal endorses opposition claim that Rafale deal was given to Reliance ADAG because of @narendramodi?” Journalist Abhisar Sharma wrote sarcastically, “As @SrBachchan said in Amar Akbar Anthony…” iska to bad luck kee kharab hai ” . @PiyushGoyal?” Journalist Poonam Pandey tweeted, “This (giving contract to Anil Ambani) must be true if the cabinet minister is tweeting this video.”

Columnist Meghnad tweeted, “It’s hard to imagine all the electoral bond money being spent to produce cringe-worthy crap like this. And yet, seems like that is exactly what is happening.” Pawan Khera of the Congress wrote, “This minister (Goyal) has honestly told everyone what the former French President had told us but the prime minister did not tell the Supreme Court that Modi was responsible for giving the Rafale deal to Anil Ambani.”

You can watch the video below.

The Supreme Court had refused to order a probe in to the Rafale deal earlier this year. However, the top court’s judgement had come under sharp scrutiny after it emerged that it was based on false affidavit by the Modi government.

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