“Patrakarita or mootrakarita?”: Aaj Tak faces widespread ridicule after it broadcasts gangster Ateek Ahmed’s act of urinating LIVE


Indian TV channel Aaj Tak is back to dominating social media conversations, once again for wrong reasons. The controversial TV channel owned by India Today Group has become an object of widespread social media ridicule after users began to share a clip of its LIVE broadcast, where the channel’s representatives were seen filming gangster Ateeq Ahmed as he urinated.

The gangster was lodged in a Gujarat jail but a huge team of the Uttar Pradesh Police travelled to the western India state to take him to Allahabad. Since the gangster was being taken through road route, members of India’s much-maligned Godi media saw a great editorial opportunity in following the police convoy escorting a gangster.

Aaj Tak, which prides itself in being India’s number one TV channel, a claim other channels dispute, too deployed its representative on this ‘great editorial coverage.’ The channel began to broadcast the blow-by-blow coverage of the convoy. Its representatives managed to beat the their competitors when the police convoy stopped at one place to allow Ahmed to relieve himself.

Aj Tak’s TV camera was the first to catch the glimpse of a gangster urinating in public. If this was not enough, one of the channel’s representatives was seen giving LIVE commentary even as the camera zoomed in on Ahmed.

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As expected, Aaj Tak and its editor-in-chief, Aroon Purie, began to face widespread social media ridicule as social media users poked fun at their claims on pursuing /Gold Standard journalism.’ One user called it ‘pee journalism’, others used the hashtag #mootrapatrakarita by linking journalism to the act of urinating. One user asked, “Is it patrakarita (journalism) or mootrakarita?”

Here’s a snapshot of how social media users reacted.

After facing widespread ridicule, Aaj Tak has removed the controversial segment from its YouTube channel.