Pathaan Day 4 Box Office Collection: Anurag Kashyap’s big statement on Shah Rukh Khan, ‘man with strongest spine has spoken now’; reference to Aryan Khan’s arrest in fake case


Pathaan Day 4 Box Office Collection is out and Shah Rukh Khan-starrer film has once again created a new milestone with the soaring success of his new blockbuster.  Pathaan has now become the first ever Hindi film to collect Rs. 420 crore in the first four day of its release. This despite widespread calls for a boycott of the film by India’s Hindutva fanatics, backed by powerful BJP leaders. Bollywood stars have reacted overwhelmingly to the success of Pathaan. But the most notable reaction has come from filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who made a huge statement about King Khan. The popular filmmaker recalled how King Khan had to go through so much in the recent past, but the Bollywood megastar had kept quiet. Shah Rukh had remained quiet even when his son Aryan Khan was arrested in a fake drug case by NCB officer, Sameer Wankhede, whose integrity had come under sharp scrutiny.

Kashyap said, “There is euphoria. This euphoria is beautiful. This euphoria was missing. This is also a socio-political euphoria. It is like making a statement.”

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Kashyap added, “The man with the strongest spine with the most resilience and integrity, who’s kept quiet through everything. He’s spoken. He’s spoken on screen, with his work. And you know what. It is beautiful.”

Aryan had to spend a month in jail even though he the Narcotics Control Buearu later acquitted him of all charges. But even during that turbulent time, Shah Rukh had not uttered a word despite being urged by fans to take legal action against the central government agency.

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A top NCB officer, who later headed the SIT to probe the case against Aryan, had shared the pain suffered by Shah Rukh following his son’s arrest. “We have been painted as some kind of big criminals or monsters who are out to destroy society and we find going to work tough every day,” Shah Rukh had reportedly told the NCB officer with eyes welling up in tears.

Shah Rukh also avoided any comment when the boycott gang launched a campaign against Pathaan.