Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi’s 12 minute controversial video on Saif Ali Khan goes viral

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A well-known face of Pakistan film industry, Faisal Qureshi, who is also an acclaimed film producer, television and film actor has released a twelve-minute controversial video targetting India and criticising Saif Ali Khan and his latest release, Phantom on his official website.


Faisal’s video has created a wave of anger and hatred among Indians for Pakistan. Pointing at Saif Ali Khan’s latest statement, where he said, “I don’t have faith in Pakistan, generally”, Qureshi insulted Khan saying he was not someone whose faith Pakistan needed.

In an interview, where Saif was asked about India-Pakistan relationship, he had said, “We have always shared a very complicated relationship.” To which Qureshi said, “It’s an uncomfortable relationship instead or say, like a ‘property-dispute’ between two brothers.”

In a fit of anger and rage, Qureshi said that more Pakistanis will now watch pirated videos to hurt India’s economy.

He said, “If Saif says we watch pirated videos, then yes, we will watch more so that India’s economy may suffer a heavy loss.”

In the video, he also blames the prime minister Narendra Modi to be a”terrorist” and a “mass-murderer” for 2002 Godhra riots, in which more than thousands Muslims were killed.

Referring to Modi’s interview with CNN-IBN, where he walked away midway through the interview, the Pakistani actor asked Indians to make movies on such “uncomfortable truth” rather on Pakistan and terrorism.

Meanwhile, another Pakistani actor, Afzar Rehman while talking to The Nation supported Qureshi’s video and criticised Saif’s statement on Pakistan saying “Why has Saif Ali Khan used Pakistan’s name as a whole? I’d like to question him on this, and ask him to elaborate on his statement. He could’ve mentioned the authorities who banned it, why Pakistan? Pakistan includes everyone. That’s why more anger is being generated. He ahs hurt the sentiments of the Pakistani audience, including mine. He may lose millions of Pakistani fans now because of this.”



  1. Whatever he said is true & We need a stronger answer than this one. As we’ve a prime Minister who is a killer & biased Modi should be hanged first than this kind of Movies which spread hatred must be banned all over the country.


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