Ouch! Arnab Goswami faces perfect match from Nepal as woman journalist holds up mirror to Republic TV founder on ethics of journalism; Saif Ali Khan’s co-star slam controversial anchor


Arnab Goswami has faced his perfect match from Nepal as a woman journalist held up a mirror to Republic TV founder on ethics of journalism days after Kavita Kaushik and Saif Ali Khan’s co-star Kubbra Sait slammed the controversial anchor for shenanigans. A feisty Nepali journalist lashed out at India’s controversial TV anchor Arnab Goswami for his recent rant against Nepal after the neighbouring country’s political map left India seething. Goswami and his pro-RSS guests had slammed Nepal for releasing a controversial political map allegedly at the behest of China.

Journalist Shail Suman Silwal released her point-by-point rebuttal on Facebook, where the video has gone viral. She said, “Dear Arnab Goswami, it’s funny how you are making this khayali pulao (imaginary dish) that Nepal is a puppet to China. It gets funnier when you say that Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh belong to India without doing any homework.

Goswami in his recent TV programme had said, “India has warned Nepal against making unjustified and catastrophic false assertions on Indian territory…Do what you think is in your best interests but think of long term consequences.”

Reacting to that, the Nepali journalist said, “It’s crazy how you believe that Nepal has to seek approval or permission before publishing its own political map. It gets crazy when you think India has the authority or power over sovereign Nepal to teach it how to rule its own country. Did India ask approval or permission before publishing its own political map? Should we? A bigger no.”

Continuing his attack against Nepal, Goswami had said that one did not have be an expert on foreign affairs to detect a hidden ‘China hand’ behind Nepal’s sudden aggressive stand against India. The Nepali journalist said, “It’s ridiculous how you put China in this equation. But now that you have, it’s high time that you realise your equation with Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and China. China has not egged on Nepal to take this action.”

The Nepali journalist also did not spare the pro-RSS former Indian army general Lt General (Retd) GD Bakshi, who said that India and had Nepal had a relationship of roti-beti (bread and daughter). She said, “You talk about roti-beti but act as ghus paithi (intruders).”

Journalist Shail Suman Silwal also schooled Goswami on the basics of journalism as she said, “Being a journalist, I know that interviews are not made (sic) to demean your guests and drown them in your judgments, views and claims.”

Goswami had also not reacted when one of his pro-Hindutva guests claiming to be a defence expert had addressed the Nepali Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli as ‘clown.’ In her parting shot, Silwal said, “Addressing somebody else’s prime minister as clown shows how you have completely abandoned your ethics of journalism. Remember that you are a journalist. If you don’t know how to act like one, come to Nepal. We will teach you.”