Obsessed by Bigg Boss, Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone, Arnab Goswami embarrasses self as Republic TV founder confuses ‘weed’ with Maharashtra town; clueless on judiciary and democracy


Arnab Goswami’s obsession with Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone and Bigg Boss has continued to scale new heights everyday. Time and again, the Republic TV founder is found to be launching tirades through his TV broadcasts these days. Days after yelling at Salman Khan using the ‘Bigg Boss of drugs’ jibe, Goswami once again launched a tirade against the Dabangg actor by referring to his ‘hit-and-run’ case. However, he ended up heaping embarrassment on himself as he repeatedly referred to weed as Beed, which is a town in Maharashtra.

He said, “You will kill poor labourers sleeping on the pavement by running your car over them and then hire lawyers (to protect yourself). Then you will ask if footpath (pavement) is meant for sleeping. So much of your arrogance.”

Goswami also mocked Deepika Padukone by quoting the content of her deposition before the Narcotics Control Bureau. Goswami claimed that Deepika had told the NCB that she was procuring ‘doob’ through her WhatsApp chat group. He said, “Doob is a filled cigarette. This is not drugs. Then this Dam Maaro Dam gang should also inform the nation that hash and weed are not drugs.”

Then, addressing Deepika he yelled, “Tell me Deepika, hashish is an ice cream for you, right?  This hash and weed are not drugs. Then, are these spices to be used in vegetables?”

The Republic TV founder also launched a tirade against Bollywood stars by making fun of their English. He said, “They say that ‘we are very cool because we converse in English. This is how we speak in English.’ My countrymen, do you know why they think we are illiterates. Because they have become arrogant. They have an arrogance about money, having access to baby Penguin and an army of lawyers, who charge fees in lakhs.”

Goswamy continued with his rant, “In afeemchiyon ko lagta hai (these opium consumers think) that they can manage the government, the NCB and judiciary with the help of money. They think they can buy democracy and judiciary. But, dear druggies, I will not let your plan succeed.”

In his attempt to score high TRP by targeting top Bollywood names, Goswami forgot that the judiciary was an integral part of democracy. He also kept pronouncing weed as Beed, which is a place in Maharashtra.