“Not a visa to lift, paste and report with a byline”: NDTV reporter accuses Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV of brazen plagiarism


In a fresh embarrassment to Arnab Goswami, an NDTV reporter has made serious allegations of plagiarism against Republic TV. Vishnu Som of NDTV took to social media to announce that his original journalism was ‘not a visa to lift, paste and report with a byline’ by Republic TV.

Som tweeted, “Dear @republic -for all your fierce ”independence,” you sure have a way of lifting fully labelled NDTV images of our report on China’s Pangong bridge. And giving a byline to your reporter as well. On the left, our image. On the right, your reproduction.”

Som also tagged Shivani Sharma, whose byline appeared in the alleged plagiarised copy of Republic TV. According to the NDTV reporter, he had shared the link of his story on a WhatsApp group comprising journalists covering defence affairs, adding that the Republic TV employee saw his report and decided to plagiarise the content.

In his subsequent tweet, Som wrote, “The report, posted on the MoD reporter’s group at 1:39 pm yesterday, was seen by your reporter at 1:43pm. So the source of the labelled images, NDTV, was always clear.”

He concluded, “None of our reports based on satellite imagery of the China situation are hand-me-down pics. A lot of work goes into these reports. These images may end up on social media, but this is not a visa to lift, paste and report with a byline.”

Neither Republic TV nor Goswami has not reacted to this stunning allegation yet.

Goswami, who has worked in NDTV and Times Now before launching Republic TV with the help of BJP MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar, has been attacking his former employer lately. This week, he attacked NDTV by mocking it with a ‘four-letter-word TV channel’ jibe.