“Next one will be happier Inshallah”: Farah Khan assures Anam Mirza’s husband on birthday after Sania Mirza’s sister claims Asad’s home as her own; Hyderabad’s Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani

“Next one will be happier Inshallah,” choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan sought to reassure Anam Mirza’s husband on his birthday, which he celebrated in quarantine after Sania Mirza’s sister claimed Asad’s home as her own. Anam has taken to Instagram to reveal how the two months of her quarantine life had come as a blessing in disguise as she could focus on turning her husband Mohammed Asaduddin’s home as the couple’s own. Billed as Hyderabad’s Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani, Anam and Asad tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in October last year. The couple had left for Europe for honeymoon days after their wedding in Hyderabad.

Farah Khan

Explaining how she had very little time in focussing on her new home, Anam wrote, “I got married 5 months ago. Even before I could recover from all the festivities and our honeymoon, I didn’t even realise when I dived back into work.”

The young entrepreneur revealed how the quarantine life had helped her convert Asad’s home into their own. She wrote, “This quarantine has been all about moving in and turning asads home into our home. obviously, needless to say setting up my wardrobe was the most important task and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to set it up just how I like it. I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten this extra time to spend at home. More than two months into quarantine and home has never felt this good before.”


While sharing her quarantine experience, Anam also shared a couple of her photos sitting on the floor and adjusting her wardrobe. She was dressed in an elegant black pajama set with emerald green motifs. Her straight hair feel casually to her shoulder.

Days later, Anam wished her husband on his birthday. Forced to live indoors due to the nationwide lockdown, Asad had to cut the cake with his friends and family members joining the celebrations via video conference.

Anam shared a photo of herself with Asad and wrote, “happy birthday baby.” Asad replied, “Thanks my princess ♥️” Bollywood choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan wrote, “Happy birthday Asad.. ♥️next one will b happier inshallah.”


The Mirzas are royalty in Hyderabad just like the Ambanis in Mumbai. What makes the alliance between Anam and Asad even more special is Azhar’s pedigree as one of the most successful captains of the Indian cricket team. Azhar, who led India both in One Day International and Test matches for a number of years, is currently the President of the Hyderabad Cricket Association. Sania Mirza, for her part, continues to be one of the finest tennis stars that India has produced. Farah Khan has been a long friend of the Mirzas in Hyderabad.

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