New twist in social media feud between IPS Officer D Roopa and IAS Officer Rohini Sindhuri; Roopa accuses Sindhuri of leaking private photos


In another twist of events, IPS Officer D Roopa has alleged that IAS Officer Rohini Sindhuri had shared her private photos on social media. Sindhuri has rejected Roopa’s allegations even as the former’s husband said that he was determined to file a criminal complaint against the latter.

IAS Officer Rohini Sindhuri

According to news agency ANI, Roopa said that Sindhuri had shared her private photos on social media. “I had reported to govt about a no. of issues incl indecent pics&corruption.Request govt to take action against her,” Roopa was quoted as saying.

Rohini replied, “As per protocol, government officials should not go to the media, that’s why I didn’t speak. D Roopa has made several baseless allegations against me. I came here to file a complaint with the Chief Secretary in this regard.”

The internet exploded with a bitter war of words between Roopa and Sindhuri after the former shared the private photos of the IAS officer accusing her of breaking the service rules of the civil servants.

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In another social media post, Roopa asked if an IAS officer can send her ‘nude’ photos. “They told me Get well soon, will Rohini Sindhuri talk about his deleted nude pictures in press today. Isn’t it theirs number? Can IAS officer send nude pictures, nude, nude pics?
Why did you send these kind of pics? For a negotiation? To prevent further punishment in the case of preliminary inquiry which has been proven allegations against him? Which one? They themselves have to answer. By saying Get well soon, it shows how cheap their opinion on mental illness is.
And for sure it is defamation, which will be dealt with in court of law,” she wrote on social media.

On Monday, Sindhuri’s husband Sudhir Reddy held a press conference and said that he had filed a police complaint against Roopa. He asked Roopa if he she had hacked into someone’s phone to access his wife’s private photos. “How did she get the photos? From whose phone?” Indian Express quoted him as saying.

He added, “If she does not reveal the three names, she has misused her power,” Reddy said, accusing Roopa of taking screenshots from some phone and presenting it out of context. “This is very personal. Either she (Roopa) has to tell how she got those photos or there should be an inquiry. Since I cannot do an inquiry, I will file a complaint.”

Meanwhile, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai is believed to have intervened since the controversy has heaped embarrassment on the government.