Netizens target Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi with meme fest after Noida Police say husband Atul Agarwal created fake story of looting for ‘personal family reasons’

Netizens have targeted Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi with hilarious memes after the Noida Police sensationally revealed that her husband, Atul Agarwal, had cooked up the story of looting by armed robbers recently. According to the Noida Police, Agarwal created the fake story for ‘personal family reasons.

Agarwal, an editor with a regional Hindi TV channel, had last week taken to Facebook to allege that a group of armed robbers had looted him, not far from a police checkpoint. He had added that the armed robbers only allowed him to go after he pleaded that he had a small child at home.

However, the Noida Police on Friday issued a statement saying that Agarwal had essentially lied, adding that there was no incident of looting as claimed by the journalist. According to the Noida Police, they arrived at the conclusion after a thorough investigation, which included speaking to Agarwal’s close ‘female friend’ and reviewing CCTV footage.

The police said that Agarwal had visited his ‘female friend’ for a meal but had left the place after he received a call from his wife. However, instead of going home, he went to a hotel to spend the night. A statement issued by the Noida Police added that Agarwal even called his ‘female friend’ around 1.30 AM to inform how he was desperately searching for an OYO room to spend the night.

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His ‘female friend’ confirmed the phone call that she received from Agarwal at 1.30 AM but said that the journalist did not mention the incident of looting. Agarwal, in his Facebook post, had claimed that he was looted at around 1 AM in Noida on 19 June.

No sooner did the Noida Police reveal that Agarwal had lied for ‘personal family reasons,’ Twitter exploded with meme fest with netizens targeting wife Chitra Tripathi, who’s an anchor with Hindi channel Aaj Tak.

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