‘Mulk’ director Anubhav Sinha writes scathing open letter to right-wing trolls


Dear Trolls,

I wish our country had made better and more educational institutions. I wish they had created better job opportunities. I wish you were the CEO of a big Indian company or an author or a musician or anything that you ever wanted to be.

I wish you were ACTUALLY serving and loving your country. Do you even remember your dreams now? Or are they lost under heaps and heaps of hate posts that you write every day, every hour for four years now? You don’t have a name or a face. Your family can’t tell anyone what you do.

Your parents aren’t proud of you, your sister isn’t, your brother isn’t and the worst, YOU DON’T HAVE A FUTURE. You will be DUMPED. And what do you get? 3000 Rupees??? 5000 Rupees? And let me tell you something more.

People you troll are people who are doing well for themselves, they have a life and you know the best part? They have a voice that doesn’t go down well with your masters. You are just a lonely loudspeaker on a pole. Come rain, come sunshine nothing changes for you. NOTHING!!! You keep blaring out hate on their behalf. Personally I feel pity for you.

You know what, people you troll have careers and a life. They come here whenever they can find time then they go back to their lives and careers and you move on to the other target your master doesn’t like. You do this day in and day out. This, my friends, has never been a career in any part of the world.

MULK-.No it is not funded by Dawood Ibrahim. You can ask him. Not even Congress. You can ask Rahul. Not even The RSS. You can check with Mohan Bhagwat ji. It is funded by Mr Deepak Mukut and his father Mr Kamal Mukut, a veteran in this business.

No… Every post of mine is NOT ABOUT MUJLK. We are spending crores of Rupees promoting the film we spent even more making it. These tweets are just a very very very minor part of the campaign and like I said We do have a life…And a voice so outside of our work we do talk.

We do read your posts. We smile. Feel bad for you. Sometimes you do end up hurting us but mostly not because we know it is not your voice. In fact it is not even you. It is just your fingers and your eyes being grossly underutilized by your masters. It is your master’s instructions and we give a damn about them.

Meanwhile, I know all you will be instructed to respond to this letter so 1 will take this opportunity now to plug in my film.

MULK is a very nice film. It is not doing what you think it is doing. It is not about your masters. Hindus or Muslims. It is about YOU and It is about ME and mostly it is about US. Please do write back the real nasty ones but do go and watch the film. You will like It because I know, a bit of YOU is still alive inside of you.

Still sending you love and my best wishes that you get a better career and a better life. You masters do have it.

Best Regards

Anubhav Sinha

PS: I am sure you know all my social media handles.

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