More trouble for Arnab Goswami as powerful demand grows to ban ‘preachers of hate, including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now’ in UAE

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Trouble for Arnab Goswami has increased manifold as a powerful demand grew to ban ‘preachers of hate, including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now.’ This was after UAE-based newspaper Gulf News formally sought the banning of Indian TV channels, known for exporting hate through Islamophobia, in the Gulf region.

Gulf Newswhich is owned by powerful Al Nisr Publishing group in the UAE, wrote a scathing editorial on 6 May outlining how Indian TV channels had immensely caused religious disharmony even in Gulf countries through their hateful broadcast in the garb of journalism.

It wrote, “Gulf News has been publishing incidents involving expats who were terminated by employers after they posted abusive content on social media. Many Indian expats who were called out for hatred and religious discrimination were long term residents of the UAE.

“Prominent Arab personalities based in the UAE and other Gulf countries have also raised concerns about growing Islamophobia among the expats. Indian embassies in the UAE, Oman and Qatar have issued warnings on social media conduct, reminding Indians about tough anti-discrimination laws.”

The Gulf News editorial asked why long-term residents who are familiar with local laws and sensitivities were also posting such abusive content on social media in the UAE. “The culprit is Indian media,” it said singling out some ‘news channels’ which are exporting the narrative of hate against Muslims from India to the Gulf countries.

“Hate propagated on live TV has a powerful impact especially when it comes from popular anchors. Authorities in the Gulf must take action against these channels, the preachers of hate, including Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now. They must not be allowed to vitiate the social atmosphere of Gulf countries where tens of millions of diverse ethnicities and religious background work and live peacefully,” the editorial concluded.

Indian ‘news channels’ have a sizeable viewership among expat population across the Arab world, particularly in the UAE. These TV channels significantly contribute to their media groups’ overall revenue earnings through advertisements and other content syndication exercises. Given the prominence and the clout of Gulf News in the UAE, it’s not unreasonable to expect reprisal from the government to hatemonger Indian TV channels.

Goswami, in particular, has been facing threats of arrest in Mumbai for his hateful broadcast, allegedly trying to disturb communal harmony in India. He’s currently enjoying three-week protection from arrest and has moved the Supreme Court once again to avoid arrest in another police complaint.


  1. Ban anti india,anti hindu channels both from india and abroad.Why should secular india suffer.Ban fake news channels .

  2. Who is the owner of this newspaper. Obviously a mulla who who is getting money from the gulf staying in our country and betraying Indians and the country. Shameless writer and shameless owner. Get lost from my country.

    • You idiot John this is our country and we can die for it but the people like you and these godi media spread hatred speech which cannot be tolerated.

      • U bloddy mulla u can die only for your religion not for thr country. You bloody pshyscopaths beileved in triple talak and what all shit and stood again my county india. Your terrorist grop of junu bastards should be killed on roads like dogs. Only muslims who are true patriotic to India can live. Your ndtv CNBC and cnn are bloddy godi media.

    • I agree with John as the mentioned channels talks for India as Nation first and irrespective of cast, religion etc and boldly say what is truth and do not gets afraid of showing truth to public not unlike some channels shows and because of this most Indian love these channels and respect them and will continue to support them. We do not need anyone certificate for nationalism and hell with such articles and do not bother for such idiotic idia.

      • Sir the last line in your comment is kind of discriminatory as Arnab himself says that it is the freedom of speech which makes us human so the people at gulf are protesting against these news channel and tv anchors who spread hate

    • You can’t show your name! how much dull, wrong, hateful person you are. Where is the ‘josh’.
      If you have no shame then show your name.
      Clay of India!

  3. Pro Pakisthani anti India jkr is happy. Now they will cry infront of their Arab fathers instead of Pakisthan… Their hatred against India reached such level they are complaining to Jehadi extremists

  4. All bullshit. They want BBC, Alzazeera and other who telecast anti India content. Its sheer hypocrisy.

  5. Two yardsticks for the same type of act!!!! Is it not strange???? Al Jazeera and some other channels are doing the same crap over here….or worse…

    If that is the case, all false propaganda against India and others should be stopped forthwith…Fairness should be the name of the game.

    • NDTV should be banned for glorifying terrorists and pseudo seculars who use their freedom of expression to the maximum whenever healthy decisions towards development of nation is taken and go underground when anti national acts takes place should be banished from our country they are free to move to place where they feel they are safe

  6. And keep only Congress and Pakistan backed supported and make India a Pakistan Ii for the happiness of Sonia, Rahul, Mamta, MK Stalin etc who are bent towards them for vote. All these people’s dream will be shattered in a short period after Corona control begins in a month.

  7. It’s a political vendetta against the particular TV host mr. Arnab goswami bringing the facts to the public domain has become a great crime in our country as per the spreading of hatred what these politicians were doing when Muslim clerics threaten the the honourable prime minister and home minister in recent past, and what about the fundamental rights of the country they want to suppress whoever speaks about the country in a legitimate manner. Arnab did great work by bringing out in open the lynching of the sadhus in palghar.

    • What this idiot joker is asking from sonia Gandhi, should ask to the legitimate government, and why idiot joker is not asking killing of sadhuse in UP just after 3/4 days , why idiot joker is not asking questions about the gathering for liquor …….

  8. The country trying to do this has serious lack of credibility due to its religious intolerance towards non Islamic culture and values and also it’s strict wahabi and terror funding nature..
    UAE don’t teach Abba how to fuck..
    Otherwise Abba tera Harmonium bajayenge..

  9. Gulf news and other media channels should show non biased news content. No tilting whatsoever to any nation or religion, only factual news, no analysis whatsoever of the news, we do not want any news anchor wild opinions, if anyone is affected, ask those affected and not others. No expert opinion or reason should be asked other than those affected. Opinions is not news. NEWS IS WHAT HAPPENED, WHERE AND WHEN!! LESVE THE ‘WHY’ TO THE NEWS LISTENERS I INTELLIGENCE.

  10. His channel will ruin communal harmony in India and damage decades old relationship India has nurtured with Arab Countries who hosted our Citizens and gave them livelihood

  11. Wtf… Janatakareporter…kis khet ka muli h tu…
    The only channels who report the truth are the above ones. I don’t see any other channel other than Republic TV asking the right questions. India wants to know n India wants to watch truth. All ordinary websites n media networks like you should be banned for spreading hatred n falsehood, which caused Anti-CAA protests.

  12. These countries must be sternly asked to shut up. They have no right to interfere in the internal matters of India.

    • Because Indian beggars can’t find in India so the Gulf countries are within their rights to ban shitty news channels, and all of the above channels are fake news . Arnab is a BJP arse licker.

  13. Islamophobia…good coinage. We in India were at the receiving end read forced conversions, mass slaughters at the hands of barbaric islamic rulers for centuries..It’s time to reinvigorate Bharat of yore..

    • Do you think Hindu’s didn’t kill anyone?. Hindus too killed and raped lot of other people. They killed even great souls like Mahatma Gandhi.. raped even small children inside temples. Can you deny?

  14. If Indians living in the Gulf countries risk their jobs and careers by getting carried away by these channels, imagine the influence these channels have on the minds of the people. That’s exactly why these TV channels need to show restraint and act in a more responsible manner.

  15. Why these channels are only named. There are other regional channels in malayalam, tamil, ndtv, mirror, dd channels…. These channels aren’t named… Think of it….. Hate speech is there in the tv news channels due to which we reluctant to watch news channel. Under the cloak of press freedom, communal violence are becoming normal news in the channels instead of spreading love, fraternity and social equality. Press be free from politics, community and religion. Earlier, the press was right and knew their role in the society. It’s my view that the media is also responsible for the cause of communal violence and human lynching. If these press stand for good policies of the government, our country can be free and harmonious nation. Please do that role.

  16. India needs to ban on those channels or restrict their hate mongering..

    Journalism should be true and correct. if they do false news all indian must face consequences who living abroad. When they start hate hindu living outside country more problems will occurs.

  17. This channel shows what is happening inside country and how people within and outside country following law of the country, reacting to issues convenient to there point of view…
    They are not able to accept the Indian channel putting reality in all aspects to viewers…
    Double standard, self goal people…

  18. Some news TV channels of India are vitiating the communal harmony within India and abroad all around the world for their petty vested interest. These religious fanatics and psuedonationalist are bifurcating the society with spreading Islamophobia. We support UAE and other gulf countries on this topic for steps to be taken to curb Islamophobia agenda. India should be the first one to take strict action against these TV channels.

  19. ye kaun sa chutiya reporting hai

    oil prices have dropped
    Arab countries are on their knees
    let them ban indian news channel.They will feel the heat

    They cant do shit apart from crying in social media

  20. What about banning the preachers of love like The Wire, Scroll In etc? Their love for Jihadists, Urban Naxalites, anti India elements are much more dangerous. In any case once the need for oil goes down, so will the influence of the Arab world.

  21. Do the Islamic countries provide equal opportunities to believers of other religion even in their constitution let aside socially or in everyday life? How can they dare to charge our democratic TV channels to speak the truth? We should reciprocate by banning their channels such as Al Jazeera, PTV etc who spew venom against India. Pointing out a particular group for their crimes is not Islamophobia rather we are facing the brunt of radical Islam and terrorism in many parts of the country including Kashmir.

  22. No body can touch Arnab. All who think India has that.mojo to punish such rhetorical preachers, we travlled far beyond that.This is an unfair world where people like him are needed to entertain the masses. He is the reflection of the.society we live in. Just that.he has the opportunity, power behind him and means of propaganda. You can keep reporting. But the fact is he will also continue reporting.

  23. Wow!! So according to this reporter channels like Al jazeera, NDTV, BBC, these are the channels which need to be viewed so that they can staisfy their propaganda and appeasement politics. Why not ban this bullshit reporter and this news article first.

  24. Arnab Goswami most know is earning millions of rupees per month to churn out hate comments , narratives of the right wing fundementalist BJP party . Besides the Republic channel belongs to a BJP functionary & it’s obvious Arnab has to appease the majority community no matter throwing all journalistic principles to the wind & as such adopts a discriminatory & biased tirade against minorities , whether they’re Muslim , Christian or Dalit .
    Writers from the minority community have been immediately jailed for criticising the wrong policies of the government , citing laws that their statements have incited hatred amongst communities . However legislators of the ruling party have never been condemned for garlanding criminals who have been responsible for murdering / lynching innocent people on suspicion of keeping or transporting beef etc . Ruling party legislators have consistently given loud hate speeches against minorities without any reprimand from the leaders who keep a cunning SILENCE , only to give a half hearted speech when there’s international condemnation .
    Racism cannot be tolerated in the 21st century under any pretext by the international community or the democratic world .
    Hate mongers should be published no matter who they are , Hindu or Muslim .
    No one hide racism , religious , caste bias & discrimination in the digital age & no amount of damage control , lies , public relations , blame games or deception will hide the truth .
    We must adhere to democratic norms & principles in letter & spirit to make a better , peaceful world !

    • Your rant against sebab is well understood. You should take citizen ship of liberal Arab countries or pakistan. In any Arab country let me see what will happen to you even if you mildly criticize the ruling establishment. In Arab countries they like Hindus because they do not interfere in their politics, their domestic policy. But Indian Muslims or Pakistanis are always under watch as they can understand Arabic language to some extent do indulge in local politics. Arnab does not support any lynching hindu or muslim, where as criminal minds like you, a muslim lynching is horrible but a hindi lynching is just bad. That is acceptable in new india.

  25. I think this editor also hates Arnab. Hate article on truth. U people watch and show hate videos to innocent and brain wash them to kill Indians. Aljaljeera is always against India. What about that? Editor love that I think. People change religion but here shame people used there name to change for not showing community. People know it by your words which community u belong.. shame on this article and support ers

  26. Hi Indians Intellectuals,
    People like Arnab Goswami has done their majic and now the time is over since the fire of hatred is now been spread out at massive level with the blessing of BJP Govt. Backed by RSS idealogy now such steps of cosmetic nature will never work. Just look at the fragmented future of India very soon. Politically India has been converted to fascist state from a secular India to which its founder were proud of.
    Now it’s too late to keep it unite, moreover RSS idealogy based leadership is of the triple impact on the situation towards breaking down process into pieces to the country.
    Further astonishing thing is that to note; people of ordinary instincts and wisdom are looking the debacle of India in very near future but leadership is nothing to do with the saviours measures instead they are fueling the circumstances at high speed.

    • Wait Rana with the help of Congress from 1947 till 2014 you people so called minorities enjoyed and did enough damage to Hindus and to country. How many temples has been converted to church and how many people were converted to Islam and Christianity.
      I was working in UAE seen lot people from our neighbouring countries coming and trying to spread their religion. In my department we had a person who is all time Muslim fanatic and his job is to talk bad about other religion. When took this issue to the head of department who is also a Indian Muslim fanatic his reply was that person is straight forward and what he say is right and I will support him only. If these islamic country is so worried ask why they helped dawood to go to Pakistan from Dubai and helped him to come to Dubai for child marriage in Dubai. Then ask Malaysian government to hand over the third rate zakir Naik. I support the media who speak for country and raise their voice against injustice. Jai Hind

      • Dear Nagrajan,
        Quiet astonishing that you tried to equalized whole the dellima in single individual incedent.
        Could you please show any evidence that in any Islamic country there was massive assault on mundir like Holy Mosque Of Ayodhia and Currently in Dheli also.
        Do you claim that India is religious state? Ok if yes what the constitution of India says?
        Hindu religion is hatred based religion, if not would you explain why hargins and dallts are not active part of the Society.? Why they are kept away from othe hindu communities and still they are hindu?
        Mr. Nagrajan,
        Indian History is very rich, regarding the Muslim invasions to India just quote a single incident that any Muslim Ruler had tried to convert locals to Islam forcefully?
        And much more….
        I believe that this philosophy of hatred and oppression will not b working anymore and this chankiyai mentality has been exposed absolutely, look at waman meshram and others. Dallts and OBCs hv understood that how they being exploited and kept under deprived communities of the India.
        You are just blaming Muslims, this is not the only issue of survival of Muslims in India instead is issue of Survials of Ally Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dallits, Hargins, OBCs and other downtrodden classes and same will be leading India towards the fragmentation and disunion. Now just wait and see.

  27. Can any one tell why news channels have become mouth piece of in olden days of congress raj.current news channels have not moved an inch than before all debates are sham and loud rhetoric without any significant output

  28. The merchants of venom have filled the minds of low life creatures in the country. It isn’t going to be easy making them healthy again.

  29. Anyone spewing venom about religion, region, caste or any issue likely to foster animosity MUST be locked up in a mental asylum – and throw away tbe key in a lake.
    This holds for everyone regardless of political party, media house or religion ke thekadars.

  30. This is a good move.
    X or Y favoring these channels shamelessly resorting to distort the discourse have crossed all human decency,values and ethics.This poison in system is non productive and contaminating emotionally the young generations mind set and ability to be objective.

    This has to end .

    Shape up or ship out.It is time.

  31. Yes this country is owned by me my Dad and my Dad’s Dad as well and we are pure to the core Indians unlike, the importedCross breedA of Mughals or British’s so we would want to protect the media who expose this imported breeds, we don’t have any country like Pakistan to escape to

    • Yes British and Mughals have left you alive to survive as your dad his dad his dad have licked there shoes I think they have not touched your dads mother,dads dads mother be thankful to them.

    • Then wait till to the outcomes of More Pakistan, since it is too late to get memorize the invasions and too late get revenge of the history now wait and see how it is gonna be fragmented since people like goswami and channels as are mentioned have completed their task and now time to wait for burning.

  32. Arnab exceeding his limits as if been given freehand to do whatever he wants. It needs to be controlled.

  33. We don’t need countries like UAE to tell us who are the hate preachers. Your fears as well your hidden motives have been exposed by these bold journalists who love their country. They are not here to please one section of people, like other foreign funded puppet journalists does.
    And I completely agree with you Mr. John Kerry.

  34. There are only comments on baning republic tv or for that matter any news channel,al jazeera is not Indian news channel nor bbc but these news channels are indian so they should question the govt about everything what is it doing at the time of crisis wether congress or bjp rather they start questioning or supporting the community which is not there duty so which ever the channel is if it supports hatred in mass then it has to be banned.

  35. Until now other channels were hiding the truth and paddling Antinational anti Hindu agenda. Now some channels mentioned herein start revealing the truth suddenly they are targeted by perverted editors who do not want truth to come out in public. The other channels existence is also under cloud as people are seeing through their decit and trechary. No body is preaching islamophobia. If Hindus, Christian, or Sikh murders or attacks any one no Hindus, Christian or Sikh come out in support of the culprits but if Muslim commits antinational activity or terrorist activity than the whole cabal of activists, newschannels, etc come in support which is disgusting and deplorable. So first look into u r own backyard than point fingers at others.

  36. Yes actually media who is revaling the truth of everything obviously that sound bitter to everyone, thank god ?finally they realize that they cannot bribe these media houses & at the end they are trying to stop free speech? & independent reporting of these media houses. Shame on this kind of mentality?… obviously they will praise godi media like the wire, lalantop & NDTV?,i don’t know why these so called secular channel not come against to condemn this cruel mentality of UAE… shame on these media houses also??

  37. Saudi and UAE in trouble.It us home time,India buys key properties in Gulf and UAE and tries to control these countries.Basicalky they are stupid and lazy people and India can easily control them.

  38. There are two type of people one supporting these hate monger channel n other against them. These haters n brainwashed maroons talk about revenge of Mughal era in 2020. They don’t know Mughals treated even Muslims n their own blood relations cruelly. There was no decocracy during those times. Leeaches like Arnab are sucking blood of communal harmony

  39. The said channels are spreading hate virus ,they not only should be banned, the so called journalists be barred for life and stringent laws be used to imprison them for life,the assets of the promoters and channels be seized, auctioned and the proceeds be used for covid19 expenses.

  40. The Gulf countries depend on INDIAN work FOR their survival. If they have the guts to try and threaten us, it is high time there should be an exodus of the Indian population from these unsafe countries. Let’s see how they will survive then. We are a huge work force working round the clock to make those dessert dwelling, camel riding nincompoofs so rich. By arresting the Indians there, they have proved a major point that the ISLAMIC WORLD IS HINDUPHOBIC AND COMPLETELY ANTI INDIAN IN NATURE.

  41. No prudent and a liberal will support likes of Arnab Goswami. I have even removed Republic channel from my tv pack. He will loose his support even of right wing political party.

  42. Itna hatred kyun itni nafrat bhargayi h desh pehla Eid mei Hindu aur Diwali mei musalman Saath banata the aaj kall media Ka chakkar mei aisi bakwas karray h.stay united.hartik halat ka Kisi ko khayal nhi h Ghar Kaisa chalra h wo soncho.yeah ladai bandh kero yr Kitna din ladoga bs kero sab yeah.stay united economic crisis say lado Kuch Naya kero invention Kuch banka batao.faltu ki cheezon par time karab na kero

  43. Now who is spreading hate? Why involve RSS, chaddi, gobarbhakt??? You are directly insulting Hindus. I appeal govt of India arrest this man nick name RSSKABAAP.

  44. Request @jantakareporter to sanitise the comments section. Use bots to purge unparliamentary comments and words. Newspapers are for civilised people , isn’t it.

  45. Things were one side till date.
    No one ware there to ask for 1973 massacre of sadhu in delhi by Indira Gandhi government. All the freedom of speech and expression were not in trouble for these so called Liberal and self proclaimed intellectuals.
    1984 massacre 1990 Kashmiri Hindus persecuted due to hatred for other community only under the slogan ‘allhu akbr’. Many such incidents can be counted … during these event secularism of this country never came under threat.
    They can say PM neech , maut ka saudagar ,chaiwala ,nali ka keeda , psychopath at such time it is freedom of expression..but one journalist asked one lady’s true name was hatred speech…??
    Being attacked and 104 FIRs against.
    Seems freedom of speech and expression are reserved only for them.
    Those are pelting stones ,spitting , abusing doctors, police and other staff are being exposed by these journalist and that journalist are being challenged by those who still want appeasement politics. For them recorded video is fake, testimony of nurses , doctors is also fake.
    All these is bigotry according to their manufactured self sufficient propaganda
    What is real for them is what is being fitted in their narratives. Everything whether proof or testimony is fake for them, as it doesn’t suits their vicious mindsets. They never wants to see, or to confirm, from where stone , gullels(hindi) , petrol bombs very found during delhi riots. They don’t want to recognise the indore ,mauradabad , Ahmedabad,surat ,vadodara ,kanpur ,ghodhra events of
    stone pelting . But yes they are everready to condemning those who rise their voice against this behaviour under pseudo curtain of secularism.
    They only remember secularism for one community..
    They only know only one minority among many of them with very small number.
    And even if it second largest majority.
    They can do anything under secularism but of we ask against then we are communal..if they speak and insult is free press but if we expose them, show truth how nude they are is against the free press.
    Till date they hijacked the print and electronic media but now which voices were never wanted to be reached and leave echo are reaching farther more..
    They just wanted their voices in media and their only say in government.
    They highly denegrated the majority of nation to appease the jihadis.
    Every single global event of terrorism was is and will be associated with only a cult .but still narrative was forec fully thrown upon us that terrorism has not religion.
    But without single harm to any muslim subject of India they coined Hindu terrorism. At that time they forget what they themselves said that terror has not religion. Hypocrisy.
    Now this voices won’t stop..your hypocrisy and you all will be exposed and not will get to hide youself.
    Aise doglo ke saath ab behas karke koi fayda nahi utna hi manenge jitna inke matlab ka hai..
    We are with you Arnab and others.

  46. Ok now what we want to see n listen will be desided by gulf countries why because the princess doesn’t like to see the truth instead i was wondering if obl n bagdadi were alive n had a twitter handle she would hav followed them too why cause they spoke about islam n in the name of islam she n here gulf partners would n have financed them ( obliviously back channel) as they did for 9/11

  47. Who cares for UAE… Go ban it… Our population is enough for them to survive… UAE banning channels is a big joke

  48. Yes ‘liberal countries’ like UAE should preach us.

    Citizen rights in UAE is an example for other countries.

  49. These bootlickin media is always on the front line to save the ruling party.. fuelling communal riots…very dangerous to the country… shameless media will sell themselves and eat shit

  50. The entire world can get against these news channels but bhakts will still keep on the narrative of “anti India anti national” nonsense. Their minds have been completely brainwashed by Modi and his media houses. They’re no different from all the terrorists that will believe they need to kill for their religion, no matter how much they get exposed.

  51. What a fearful event!! Some desert Arab spews forth #Hinduphobia and every one should quake. So thinks an aaptard contrlled ranter. For us, gulf is NOTHING but they do need us.
    In all probablity ISI is behind this rant as part o the new propaganda war. These channels were selected because they do hurt the #Hinduphobia spewing people and organisations. More is yet to come.
    Do you really think, except because of politeness, we treat the gulf sheikdoms with curtsy?


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