“Modi Govt has no courage to stand up to foreign enemies”: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy questions Modi’s silence on Manipur


Former BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has launched another tirade against the Centre’s Narendra Modi government questioning the prime minister’s silence on the violence in Manipur.

Subramanian Swamy

Swamy said that Modi was silent even when ‘Hindus are being killed’ in Manipur in a reference to the ethnic violence in the north-eastern state. The outspoken former parliamentarian also said that the Modi government had no courage to act against foreign enemies.

“Modi Govt has no courage to stand up to foreign enemies. The bombing of border of Pakistan was due to Parrikar. China as of now (15/6/23) has grabbed 4026 sq kms of territory on our side of LAC. Koi aaya nahin! He is soilent (sic) on Manipur while Hindus are being killed,” Swamy tweeted.

Manipur has been on the boil with scores being killed for several weeks but Modi has not uttered a word even though the administration is being run by his own party, the BJP, with Biren Singh as the state’s chief minister.

Modi’s political rivals had slammed him for his insensitivity when he decided to embark on a foreign trip recently even when Manipur burned.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, meanwhile, has earned plaudits from people of Manipur for his decision to visit the state. The police had allegedly stopped Gandhi from carrying out his visit, evoking angry reactions from the local population.

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The Congress party had tweeted, “Despite the government’s best efforts and obstructions, your Rahul Gandhi reached among the victims of violence in Manipur. Reaching among his people, Rahul ji assured them that he is with them… always. Putting his hands on his shoulders, he assured that one day everything will be fine. The fire of hatred will be extinguished, the flower of love will blossom.”