Mira Rajput’s latest pregnancy photos show her delivery is imminent


Suddenly there’s a renewed focus on Mira Rajput as Shahid Kapoor’s glamorous wife progresses in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Yesterday, Mira was spotted while coming out of her ‘pizza date’ with hubby Shahid in Mumbai. Dressed in a red long-sleeve top and a white palazzo pants, Mira looked every bit elegant.

Many on social media soon began speculating on Mira’s potential delivery date given the size of her baby bump with an overwhelming majority of them agreeing that the second baby of Mira and Shahid may arrive in August, when the couple will celebrate the 2nd birthday of their first child, Misha Kapoor.

On Saturday, Mira was spotted once again while out and about in Mumbai suburb. Dressed in white cotton embroidered maternity top and blue jeans, Mira looked relatively relaxed as she posed for camera. Mira looked significantly different compared to her previous photos flaunting baby bump during the last two outings.

Incidentally, Mira had posted a cute photo of herself with a person, who she described her Best Friend Forever as part of her Instagram story. The Mom-to-be looked radiant as she took the selfie. Her fans are impressed that despite being so late in her pregnancy, Mira has continued with her regular goings on.

Mira is known for speaking her mind is extremely possessive about her child. She had even courted controversy in the past when she had said that her child was not a “puppy” to be left at home and only to spend an hour a day with her.

Her comments had invited a wave of criticism from feminists but she refused to withdraw her comments. Shahid had later intervened and clarified that Mira was talking on a personal level and her statement wasn’t a “direct comment on anybody or any category of women.”

“I think she was speaking from a very positive space. I do understand that people have a strong point of view and people get hurt about things, but I think we are in a time where everybody is getting hurt about everything,” he says.

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