Mira Rajput mercilessly trolled for seemingly harmless Instagram post, called hypocrite


When Mira Rajput, Bollywood’s newest Mom, posted her thoughts on how the year 2018 had been for her, little did she realise that this will make her the target of incessant trolling.

Taking to Instagram, Mira had written how 2018 was a ‘magical year’ for her. She wrote, “Another magical year gone by and what a memorable one it has been.” She then went on to write, “The special moments and challenges that came along with it will forever be etched in my memory. I took the #28DaysChallenge with @OlayIndia to transform my skin during a time when I needed the love and care.” Mira concluded her post with a question, “What were your personal challenges this year?”

While some of her ardent fans indeed responded with appreciation, others did not appear too impressed as they detected a tinge of hypocrisy. One user wrote dispatragingly, “Mira whenever you post anything on your Instagram, I have a good 10 minutes laugh every time. Look at you doing everything you once said isn’t something you respect or prefer, like working while you were pregnant or having a nanny, or as a matter of fact using and endorsing Olay, when you are not even 25 yet, Dude you are just so double faced, lollllllllll”

Another user commented, “Olay is used after 30 age …U dnt need it @mira.kapoor” “Oh really… U guys only promote… But in personal life u prefer another brand….. Lux soap ka add krne se aishwarya ya kareena real life me kya lux soap se toh nhi nahate na…,” wrote another follower. One fan commented, “I really like you Mira, very pretty and dignified. But when I see you promoting brands like Olay, it strengthens my belief that celebrities never use the products that they endorse.”

Mira had recorded her first TV ad for Olay in August this year, when she faced brutal trolling by her fans on social media. Responding to her critics, she had told a TV channel that the internet had given people the platform to express themselves in any way they want. She had said, “There will be opinions.” She had gone on to add that this was not something new for her and that nowadays public personalities receive backlash for anything they do or say.

Last year, her husband Shahid Kapoor had to come to her defence after her comments on feminism and housewives were not received well. Mira had said that her child was not a “puppy” to be left at home and only to spend an hour a day with her.

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