Kangana Ranaut refers to self as ‘hot sanghi, posts scantily clad photos as evidence; gets ridiculed


Kangana Ranaut has continued to hog the limelight even after being suspended from Twitter for hate speech. But her decision to grab media headlines has earned her more ridicule as netizens have begun calling the pro-BJP actor ‘brainless.’ In the latest example, the controversial actor posted scantly-clad photos of herself on Instagram. But, what made her a topic of ridicule was Kangana referring to herself as ‘hot sanghi.’

While sharing one photo, Kangana wrote, “Librus: Sanghi women aren’t hot. Me: Hold my beer.”

She shared another photo by calling herself ‘hot sanghi.’

As expected, the actor began to face incessant trolling from netizens with some even calling her brainless.

Kangana has been trying to trigger controversy to stay in the media spotlight after she was banned from the microblogging site Twitter for promoting hate speech. She has since begun to post controversial and seemingly outrageous content on Facebook and Instagram.

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