Journalist hailed for demolishing Kangana Ranaut’s baseless allegations during press conference, video goes viral


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut was placed in an awful predicament when she unsuccessfully tried to intimidate a journalist, who was only discharging his duty by asking her questions. The video of journalist Justin J Rao refusing to accept Kangana’s rude behaviour has now gone viral on social media with many hailing him for his ‘bravery’.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana was interacting with reporters at a night club to promote her upcoming film Judgementall Hai Kya when Rao began to ask his questions. However, Kangana launched a tirade against Rao accusing him of writing dirty stuff about her. She said, “Justin, tum to hamaare dushman ban gaye yaar. Bari ghatiya baatein likh rahe ho yaar. Itna ganda sochte kaise ho?  (You have become my enemy. You are writing lowly stuff about me. How can you have such lowly thinking?”

Rao protested saying ‘I don’t think it’s fair Kangana.’ But Kangana was in no mood to calm down, perhaps unaware of things to come. She continued, “No, but is it fair for you to write that?”

Rao asked, “Like what…since you mentioned?” Kangana told him that he had given an extremely bad review to her film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. She said, “You are bashing my film Manikarnika. Have I done a mistake by doing a film Manikarnika? You are calling me a jingoistic woman, who is making a film on nationalism.”

The reporter said, “Kangana, if I may with your permission, I did not even tweet about Manikarnika. An embarrassed Kangana then replied, “Of course, I will send you.” But by then, the journalist in question had decided to call out Queen actor’s alleged lies. He said, “This is not the right way Kangana. You cannot intimidate a journalist here because you are in a position of power here.”

Sensing the gravity of the situation and its potential impact on the press conference, the PR personnel decided to intervene to calm things down but they were shouted down by other journalists. Soon, Ekta Kapoor, the producer of Judgmentall Hai Kya starring Kangana and Rajkumar Rao took the mic and apologised to the reporter requesting him to continue.


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But Rao was adamant on seeking an apology from Kangana Ranaut for her alleged lies. This prompted Rajkumar Rao to come forward and say ‘I am sorry.’

Kangana Ranaut had accused the reporter, who works for news agency PTI, of spending three hours inside her van and sharing a meal. She said that the PTI journalist had even sent her a text message later. The journalist told the controversial actress that he had never spent three hours inside her van and his interview with her- facilitated by her PR had only lasted for 30 minutes. “We did not have lunch. I never messaged you ever.”

Once again, this reply left Kangana speechless for a few seconds. The journalist dared her to make the screenshot of his message public. To which, the actress said that she will do so.

The video has evoked overwhelming responses on the internet with many slamming the actress for her bad behaviour. One user wrote on Instagram, “Wherever this girl goes there is trouble….. boycott her films immediately.” “Poor Rajkumar, in the end, had to apologize on her behalf. No producer should work with her,” wrote another user.

Kangana was seen blaming the reporter for harming her image but the latter denied saying he was ‘inconsequential’ to her since he only had ‘600 followers’ on Twitter. Within hours of the video of Kangana’s fight going viral, the journalist’s number of followers on Twitter had gone past 3,500.