JEE Mains 2022 Results: Students allege largescale error in percentile vs marks; NTA urged to intervene to save future

The National Testing Agency on Sunday released the JEE Mains Results for 2022 on its official website  Sneha Pareek from Assam created history by becoming the second girl ever to score a perfect 100 percentile. However, thousands of students have taken to social media to highlight flawed scoring against their marks, urging the NTA to urgently intervene to save their future.

JEE Mains Results

Many students complained that they were given significantly lower percentiles even though the marks obtained by them should have earned them considerably higher percentiles. One user highlighted the error by the NTA as he wrote on Twitter, “Thousands of #JEEMains2022 Aspirants Faced Wrong Response Sheet & Server Failure issues and Now Facing Wrong NTA Score (Percentile) issues. @DG_NTA Stop Playing with the Future of Students! #JEEMainsExtraAttemptForAll #JEEMains2022ExtraAttempt.”

Similar reactions followed from other students with some even calling the NTA criminal since the error in awarding wrong percentiles would have catastrophic impact on students’ ability to secure desirable places. One students alleged that as many as 18,000 students already written to the NTA about the flawed percentile being awarded by the NTA.

Desperate students are now tagging Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Twitter requesting his urgent intervention.

Here’s the JEE Main Marks vs Percentile predictor as per the Aakash website.


Janta Ka Reporter has contacted the DG, NTA, for a response. This story would be updated once we receive the NTA’s response.

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