Interview with Brothers’ star cast during its film promotion in capital


Avalokita Pandey

The star cast of Brothers including Khiladi actor Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez were in Delhi to promote their upcoming film on a rainy Tuesday afternoon in the capital, where caught up with them for a quick interaction.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline celebrated her 30th birthday with the team members during the promotion at the Imperial hotel.

Addressing the press conference, Akshay who is playing the role of Sidharth’s elder brother in the movie said, “The film Brother is quite close to my heart as I am a stunt man first and then an actor. Both Sidharth and I are waiting eagerly for its release since it took almost 52 days for us to picturise its climax.”

Talking about the USP of Brothers, Akshay said, “There’s a lot of drama and emotions involved in the movie. In short, it can be called an emotional martial art film.”

Akshay Kumar, who appeared with a cloth tied on his head, performed stunts during the promotion and was totally in his martial arts character, which he is playing in the movie.

Meanwhile, Sidharth described the movie as “K3G with martial arts”.

He said, “It can be called so, as the story is about a father and his two sons and the emotional issues they undergo in the course of the film. The plot is about resolving family issues by wrestling as they belong to the family of fighters in the movie.”

Describing about the message that the film is trying to convey, Sidharth said, “Brothers deals with the sensitive relationship of siblings and the bond they share. It carries a message for children to be open and communicative to each other and their family.”

Apart from what message the film is conveying, Sidharth advised everyone to live the way Akshay lived on sets. He said, “Regardless of what’s happening on camera and however serious the scene is, once the camera is away, Akshay cracks Punjabi jokes on sets and indulges crew members to have fun. So, I think people should learn from him and enjoy their work.”

While talking about the expectation of their audience, Akshay and Sidharth, who have put a lot of effort in their respective roles, said that few professional trainers came especially from LA to teach them stunts.

Akshay added, “Whether the audience want or not, while watching any action movie, they compare it with Hollywood movies. So, to reach that level, we had to rehearse a lot and keep ourselves better.”

Akshay, who himself was a martial art trainer before he came into films, teaches self-defence to girls in Mumbai for free.

Directed by Karan Malhotra under the banner of Dharma Productions, the film is all set to hit theatres on 14th August.

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