Indian Idol judge Vishal Dadlani wants to reward upright toll-booth employee, who heaped humiliation on judge; made him pay toll fee

Indian Idol judge Vishal Dadlani has urged social media users on Twitter to connect him with a toll-booth employee, seen in a viral video, so that he could give ‘him a small token of appreciation’ for heaping humiliation on a judge for refusing to pay the toll fee.

Indian Idol judge Vishal Dadlani

Dadlani, an ace music composer in the Hindi film industry, shared a video to write, “Yeh toll-booth Sevak kahaan milega? (Where can I find this toll-booth helper?) Find him for me, @twitter? I’d be honoured to give him a small token of appreciation. EVERY citizen of India needs to be like this! Remember that those in so-called “authority” are actually just servants of the People.”

In the video, an upright and brave toll-booth employee could be seen yelling at a judge after the latter refused to pay the toll fee citing his status as a member of the Indian judiciary. Admonishing the judge for his false sense of entitlement, the toll-booth employee reminded him that he was not exempt from paying the toll fee.

The unnamed employee also went on to shame him for refusing to pay just Rs. 80 by flaunting his status as a judge. “First of all, you ought to know that only high court judges are exempt from paying of toll fees. You are a sessions court judge,” he told the judge.

The employee then warned that the judge may be in trouble for causing obstruction to other vehicles for more than 10 minutes, adding that this amounted to a rule violation. The judge said that he had passed several toll booths along the way and did not have to pay. This prompted the employee to remind him that the judge had just confessed to committing violations by not paying on other toll booths.

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