If not Mira Rajput, then who’s hugging Shahid Kapoor in this photo

On Friday, Shahid Kapoor posted a cute photo of himself being hugged by Mira from behind. The couple, seen relaxed, is seen posing for the camera. Within moments of the couple posting the photo, fans began to appreciate the adorable picture while some noticed an optical illusion in it.

One fan said, “This optical illusion.” Another fan commented, ” illusion at its best.” One fan explained, “For a moment I thought Mira was sitting and Shahid was hugging her.” According to another fan, “An actor, an illusionist, a legend.” One fan Sakshi said, “Wait, whats wrong with this pic.” “this looks like one of those pictures where you can’t tell whose body is where,” commented another. Another fan, identified as Ammara, too noticed, “It’s that illusion all over again. With that couple pic few years ago. I’m going to assume you guys did this on purpose.”

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In the photo, fans appear seemingly confused about so many things. One they are unable to understand as to whose hands are wrapped around Shahid. It seems to some that there was a third person involved in the photo. While to others it was difficult to find whether Mira was hugging Shahid from behind or she was sitting on the sofa. At first glance, it’s difficult to make out that it is indeed Mira’s arms wrapping Shahid from behind.

Shahid was scheduled to perform at this year’s IIFA awards, but the actor had to bow out of the event because of a back injury he sustained while shooting for his film Batti Gul Meter Chalu in Tehri, Uttarakhand.

Mira and Shahid Kapoor got married in 2015 and had their first child Misha Kapoor in August 2016.

She is now pregnant with her second child with there being a great deal of media spotlight on her pregnancy. But far from being perturbed by the constant chase of Mumbai’s paparazzi, Mira has been conducting herself with incredible confidence, while flaunting her baby bump in public.

Mira has been regularly updating her fans with her goings on on Instagram, where she has accumulated more than one million followers. Now that shows just how popular she has become on her own.

More recently, the kind of photos and stories she’s posted on Instagram included the photos of her daughter, Misha, an appeal to stop using plastic and teasing messages for hubby Shahid. All her Instagram posts have been well received by her fans.

One of her last Instagram stories was a video from her bedroom, where she was seen sleeping next to Shahid Kapoor while hugging a pillow. One would have thought that any celebrity would like to keep such private moments away from the public glare. But Mira chose to post the story with the following caption, “Sleeping with my pillow. The snuggle is real.” In her next story related to the same video, she asked fans, “Ya… so should I move or let him sleep.” (See video below)

Mira was recently unstoppable in white maternity shirt as she proudly flaunted baby bump with élan. Just few days later, she flaunted her pregnancy in a cute denim shift dress, which prompted some of her fans to indulge in a guessing game with many wondering if ‘little Shahid Kapoor’ was on his way. Not too long ago, she was seen slaying it with her selfie of pregnancy glow and baby bump.


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