Our media’s misplaced priorities: Hrithik-Kangana affair over millions suffering from drought


Dr Kouser Fathima

Kangana-Hrithik saga has managed to keep the nation hooked when more than 10 states are officially declared drought-hit and millions of people affected by it.

Starting from the so-called affair to the leaked emails and reactions from their respective ex lovers, every bit of is covered in great detail. How they met, the number of email they exchanged and who was more obsessed are the pressing ‘issues’ that appeared to have become the new worries for the nation.

Speculations over how Kangana could potentially be suffering from mental illness and also if Hrithik was possibly a victim are the kind of theories currently doing rounds.

The news channels have overstretched the soured affair of the two to ridiculous proportions. People seem to be losing sleep worrying about the Bollywood couple.

To add to the drama, one of Kangana’s ex boyfriends has suddenly remembered and has publicly announced how she used to ill-treat him and perform black magic to control him.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the whole story one day inspires producers to conceive a daily soap or even a movie with lots of masala.

Leading news channels are holding debates and discussions and Kangana herself is seen on small screen desperately defending herslef on the issue.

She definitely has won many new fans and supporters with people praising her for being strong and for fighting back.

Her personal life has become so interesting that her professional achievements have taken a backseat. The actor only recently won a National Award for Best Actress but not many are interested in her acting prowess, whoch earned her the coveted prize.

Have Indian TV viewers completely lost interest in genuine news or are they simply being forced to watch what is being fed to them by news channels?

In a parallel world, millions of farmers are being hit by severe drought. Many cities are facing acute water crisis and two girls are brutally raped in Kerala but no, we seem to be more interested in knowing about what happened between Kangana and Hrithik.

Actors like Nana Patekar are working tirelessly to help the drought affected villagers, while superstars Kangana and Hrithik are busy hurling allegations against each other.

The TRP hungry new channels are milking the situation giving blow-by-blow coverage on the controversy.

‘We The people of India’ are happy to enjoy the spectacle as if we are in a multiplexes with our boxes of popcorn.

If the media coverage and reaction of people are to be taken seriously, we surely need to be worried about our priorities. According to Noble laureate Kailash satyarthi, 16.3 crores children are affected by the drought. The government seems helpless in handling the situation and we are so glued to TV sets enthralled by the Kangana-Hrithik affair.

Both the stars seem to be equally enjoying the publicity. This makes us wonder why same stars who always complain about their privacy being violated by mediapersons appear more than willing to share their personal affairs and tiffs on news channels.