“Hope (Arun) Jaitley doesn’t turn (Narendra) Modi into chaiwala again”


They say that poets have the best and most effective way of commenting on the political goings on. Their couplets are often more powerful commentary on current affairs than the full page editorials. Testament to this the viral clip of Hindi poet Sunil Jogi, whose satirical poetry targeting Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister Arun Jaitley is breaking internet.


Jogi was taking part in a conclave organised by News 24 channel in Delhi on 11 July last month. But his performance has truly gone viral with millions of views and nearly one lakh shares on Facebook alone.

Targeting Adityanath’s decision to form a special police force against the romantic couples, Jogi said, “I will not let you take a dip into the ocean of love, I will not let you walk through the lanes of your beloved. Yogi ji told this to one romeo, ‘I will not let you do what I haven’t done myself.'” Jogi’s jibe at Aditynath was made keeping his bachelorhood in mind.

The poet then took a swipe at Kejriwal stating how a common man could not get a job of even a security guard despite shouting aloud, but the AAP leader became Delhi’s chief minister despite his frequent coughing.

But, the poet’s most poignant lines were reserved for the last as he read out a few lines on the consequences of two of the most critical economic decisions taken by Prime Minister Modi. Holding Jaitley, who was the finance minister during the announcements of demonetisation and the GST, responsible, Jogi said poetically, “I hope it’s not a case of (Jaitley) spoiling the (election) party. Hope it (note ban and GST decisions) doesn’t cause an electoral disaster (for the BJP). Looking at the consequences of the note ban and GST, I hope Jaitley doesn’t turn Modi chaiwala again.”

Jogi’s critical take through his poetry on the recent political developments has won him plenty of plaudits on social media. One user wrote, “Sunil sir should be made the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.” Others reacted with ‘superb,’ ‘brilliant’ and ‘fantastic’ comments in appreciation of Jogi’s poetic delight at the conclave.

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