Hindutva supporters trend #BhandSonuNigam after singer praises tolerant Islamic system in old interview; Navika Kumar’s reaction is epic!

Hindutva supporters have lashed out at singer Sonu Nigam after the Bollywood singer was found to be praising the tolerant Islamic system. Angry Hindutva supporters also trended hashtag #BhandSonuNigam as they took dim view of the singer mocking ‘Jai Shri Ram’ chanting ‘bhakts. The video in question is an old interview that Sonu had given to Times Now’s Navika Kumar, whose reaction has also become a topic of intense social media discussions.

Sonu Nigam
Photo: Instagrammed by Sonu Nigam

Reacting to the meat ban by Hindu fanatics in parts of India including Delhi during Muslims’ Holy month of Ramadan, Sonu said, “I am not a bhakt, who chants Jai Shri Ram. I am also against the fact that why should a meat shop be forcibly shut down just because we are celebrating Navratri. I say it publicly that this is wrong. The man, who is selling mutton, doesn’t believe in your religion. How can you close his shop?”

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During the same interview, Sonu also praised the Islamic system of the UAE, saying that Hindus were never targeted there for not observing the fasts of Ramadan even though there was an Islamic rule of law in the kingdom. Sonu resides in Dubai with his family.

“I am against the meat ban during Navratri. I live in Dubai, nobody asks us not to play music or anything during Ramzaan. It’s wrong to impose your views on others,” Sonu had said.

Angered by Sonu’s comments, those, who supported him during the Azan controversy, have now begun slamming him publicly.




In the same interview, Sonu had slammed those, who wanted to impose Hindu even on south Indians. Fiercely supporting those opposing Hindi imposition by the BJP in India, Sonu had said that idea of imposing Hindi on the entire population of India was ludicrous. Sonu’s hard-hitting comments had come just days after Ajay Devgn courted controversy by publicly trolling Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep.

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