“Hindu Terrorists exist”: UAE princess steps up attack against Sudhir Chaudhary after Zee News anchor says ‘I am not Islamophobe’


UAE princess Hend bint Faisal Al Qasim has stepped up her attack against Zee New anchor Sudhir Chaudhary after the latter took to his TV channel to declare that he was not an Islmophobe. Chaudhary’s audacity left netizens baffled given his history of spewing venom against Muslims and Islam.

Reacting to Chaudhary’s audacity, Princess Hend said, “We should be grateful that the hypocrite that claims tolerance has opened the flood gates of hell on all his brethren by his stubborn actions. Now all of the Arab and Muslim world of 2 billion people will know that Hindu Terrorists exist and have cells worldwide that hatemonger.”

Chaudhary had courted controversy after he was invited as a speaker by the Abu Dhabi chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Princess Hend had led the campaign against Chaudhary as he urged the organisers to drop him from the list of speakers in light of his reputation as an Islamophobe. Neeraj Ritolia, the chief organiser, had chosen to snub the member of the UAE royal family prompting many to conclude he himself was an Islamophobe.

Chaudhary has vilified Islam in the past, objected to Muslims offering their mandatory prayers, accused Muslims of spreading coronavirus, expressed displeasure on Muslims’ ability to purchase land in their own country by terming it as ‘land jihad.’ The list of Chaudhary’s Islamophobia is endless.

Princess Hend added, “Nobody likes a liar. Nobody wants to associate with an #Islamaphobe, certainly no one will hire/do business with ex convicted felon #Tihadi on bribes with VIDEO FOOTAGE except @icaiauh then he says after speaking on camera for hours on hating Muslims that is NOT an Islamophobe.”

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Chaudhary had issued an extraordinary statement to deny Islamophobe allegation against him, but failed to explain how charges against him were wrong.