Hina Khan may be in trouble for naming and filming air hostess after Priyank Sharma’s ‘crush’ on her


Former Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan has been celebrating the success of her debut music album Bhasoori, which recently crossed 10 million views. The model-actor was then faced with embarrassment after a jewellery brand sensationally accused her of fraud worth Rs 12 lakh.

According to the jewellery brand in question, Hina had failed to return the ornaments that she had received from them after wearing it for Dadasahib Phalke awards in April this year. The company had sent her a legal notice asking her to return the jewellery or face criminal action.

In response, Hina on Saturday slapped a criminal and civil defamation notice to the jewellery brand demanding an unconditional apology from them within five days.

But it seems Hina simply loves to invite trouble for herself. On Sunday, she posted a video of herself travelling with her Bigg Boss housemate, Priyank Sharma. In the video Hina is seen informing her fans about how Priyank’s crush on one of the air hostesses, identified as Shivani. She goes on to add that the air hostess had also snubbed Priyank after he requested her for a coffee date.

She posted the video with a caption, ““Lol @priyanksharmaaa Guys it’s a must watch.. And plz don’t be judgemental.. it’s just a joke..”

Lol @priyanksharmaaa ??? Guys it’s a must watch.. And plz don’t be judgemental.. it’s just a joke..

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Hina did not stop here. She then posted another video as part of her Insta story, where she was seen naming and identifying the air hostess as she filmed her behind.

My cuties ??? #prihina #hinakhan #priyanksharma @realhinakhan @priyanksharmaaa

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What Hina was perhaps not aware that her act will be deemed in poor taste for several reasons. First filming a crew member, particularly a female staff during the flight without her permission is not allowed. The Kerala Police in August 2016 had booked a man, after he posted a video of an Air India air hostess dozing off in the mid-air flight.

The air hostess had filed a complaint against Basheer for making her video without permission even though the passenger in question ahd done so in public interests. Hina should consider herself lucky if Shivani chooses to not file an official complaint against her and Priyaak.

Also, Hina enjoying Priyank’s flirtatious act at the expense of a woman’s modesty may not go down well with her fans, who may find her action utterly cheap and in poor taste. Given the spotlight on deteriorating women’s safety in India, Hina’s action is bound to earn her public criticism.


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