Has Divya Spandana resigned as Congress social media chief?


Divya Spandana has reportedly resigned as the Congress social media post amidst reports suggesting that the 36-year-old actor-turned-politician had skipped work for several days now.

The speculation gained momentum after she was seen absent during crucial events of the Congress party including the Congress Working Committee meeting, recently held in Madhya Pradesh.

What added fuel to fire was Spandana’s decision to remove her resignation as the social media chief of the Congress party from her Twitter profile. She, however, added the information amidst rising speculations of a rift between her and the party leadership.

Some media reports said that the former Lok Sabha MP, also known as Ramya, was unhappy over much of the social media responsibility being given to Nikhil Alva, who is a son of veteran Congress politician Margret Alva.

Nikhil told NDTV, “I can’t comment on rumours, I am abroad.” He’s, however, not denied reports that Spandana had quit as the social media chief of the Congress party.

One of the reasons for her ‘strained’ relationship with the party leadership is her recently tweets targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She was slapped with a sedition case after she posted a photo of Modi with chor (thief) written on his forehead.  She had also made a Thugs of Hindostan jibe against Modi in one of her tweets.

Meanwhile, Times Now has quoted her as saying that she was on leave and will rejoin office on Thursday. The Congress party has so far not commented on the issue. Spandana was appointed as the social media head of the Congress in May last year.


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