God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar mesmerised by 4 Indian Idol contestants as poverty-stricken singer from Punjab reveals Neha Kakkar’s generosity


God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar has revealed how he had been touched by the soulful singing and ‘life-stories’ of four Indian Idol singers namely Rahul Khare, Chelsi Behura, Diwas Kumar and Sunny. Sunny, whose mesmerising rendition of Nusrat Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen had left everyone spellbound, on Saturday revealed how singer Neha Kakkar had helped him with Rs one lakh.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin took to Twitter to announce, “Really touched by the soulful singing & life-stories of these talented youngsters on Indian Idol. Rahul, Chelsi, Diwas and Sunny come from different parts of the country but have the same passion & dedication for music despite all odds. I’m sure they’ll go a long way.”

This was after the heart-wrenching stories of these four Indian Idol contestants went viral. Rahul, a poor farmer from Maharashtra, had left everyone in tears with his amazing rendition of a Marathi folk song. Chelsi from Cuttack in Odisha had won many hearts after she revealed how her family had overcome the tragedy of losing her father. Diwas from Jharkhand told the judges that he left his house to give wings to his dream of singing and painting. He said that he was not allowed to enter the famous JJ Arts College because of his poverty-stricken background, so he accepted the work to do the dishes at the institution’s canteen and serve tea to arts students.

Sunny from Punjab informed how the death of his father had pushed his family to near disaster with his mother forced to begging and selling balloons. He too was forced to take up the job to polish shoes at a local railway station. Moved by his story, Neha had reportedly gifted him Rs 1 lakh, which, Sunny informed on Saturday, he had used to rent his mother a decent house.

Anu Malik, another judge on the Indian Idol, said on Saturday that the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had reincarnated in the form of Sunny since the latter sang his songs so well. This was after Sunny performed Mera Piya Ghar Aaya, another Nusrat song, on Saturday night.

Vsiahl Dadlani, the third judge on the singing reality show, thanked Sachin for his generosity towards the contestants and invited him to be a guest in one of the episodes. He wrote, “Oh wow, @sachin_rt, ! Can’t tell you how this is going to encourage our new Idols! Knowing you’re watching will inspire them to perform at their best, each time! On their behalf, I’d like to invite you to please come to the shoot! It’d be an honour for all of us!”

The Indian Idol show is currently in the process of shortlisting 14 singers for the main theatre round, whose performances will then be judged by public voting. Three of them including Sunny have already received the Golden Mic ensuring their progress to the top 14.