Global Hunger Index: Sudhir Chaudhary’s shameless defence of Modi government earns him public shaming once again as 2013 tweet comes to haunt controversial TV anchor

When Sudhir Chaudhary of Zee News appeared on his TV channel to express his disdain for the body that ranked 101 in the global hunger index, little did he realise that his double-standard would be exposed once again. As expected, the controversial TV representative is now facing widespread public ridicule for his shameless defence of the BJP government.

In his regular TV programme, Chaudhary’s focus was on presenting the Narendra Modi government’s criticism for the new global hunger index. He said how the global report had failed to take note of 5 kg of monthly food grain provided by the Modi government before releasing its rankings. It was as if 5 kgs of food grain was enough to prevent a family from hunger even if one was to believe the government claims on its food programme.

Chaudhary then slammed the ‘western agencies’ for defaming India through its negative reports on India. He said, “There was a time when the government in India or Indian people would silently accept these reports. Then, these western countries would rate us as a professor. That’s because these western agencies have a licence to rate us. They act as a judge and poor countries accept it silently.

“But this is a new India. Now India has learnt to reply to these agencies.”

Chaudhary’s rant on the new global index placing India below its neighbours such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal is understandable given his love for the BJP, which has been governing India since 2014.

Youth Congress leader BV Srinivas reminded the man, masquerading as a journalist, how he had wasted no time sharing the findings of the same body in 2013 with scathing a headline since the country was being governed by the Congress and Narendra Modi had announced his candidature for the post of prime minister. He had tweeted, “One-fourth of the people suffering from hunger globally live in India alone. Global Hunger Index’s latest report says.”

Taking a dig at Chaudhary’s double standards, Srinivas took to Twitter to share the Zee News anchor’s old tweet.

According to the Global Hunger Index, India has slipped to 101 in the new ranking. The hunger situation in India is only better than 15 other countries such as Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Congo, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Timor-Liste, Haiti, Liberia, Guinea, Niger, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Chad, Yemen, Brundi, South Sudan and Somalia.

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