Generosity is contagious, Kerala fisherman who went down on all fours to help women climb boat, rewarded with SUV


Remember Kerala fisherman Jaisal KP, whose video of going down on all fours to help women flood victims climb the rescue boat had gone viral during the natural disaster.

Generosity, they say, is contagious. Just weeks after his generous act of humanity made him a hero globally, industrialist Anand Mahindra has decided to reward him for his heroic act. The brave fisherman has just been handed over an expensive Mahindra SUV.

One Twitter user, Sundar Ramachandran, posted the photo of Jaisal being given a Mahindra Supro Mini Truck with a caption, “@anandmahindra superb gesture from Eram Motors. Gifting a Mahindra Marazzo to Jaisal who offered his back for women to board the boat during Kerala floods.”

Twitterati were quick to hail Mahindra’s act of incredible generosity. One user wrote, “A great gesture by our Indian friend for Ladies of our country in the time of need is highly appreciable and Indian Citizen reconising and honouring is appluadable. Thanks to both for their positive deed and spirit. (sic)”

Another user wrote, “Great feeling to read such real life heroes being felicitated which makes your day.”

Anand Mahindra later tweeted, “Let me clarify that the credit for this very generous gesture goes entirely to our principals @EramMotors I only applauded it loudly! It was entirely their idea.”

The video of Jaisal going down on all fours so that women flood victims could use his back as a step to climb the boat had gone viral. This had left social media in utter awe of the fisherman. In the viral video (see below), Jaisal was seen nearly submerged in water because of his decision to go down on all fours. Women victims were seen using his back as a step to climb the boat.

Kerala’s floods had left more than 400 dead and millions adversely affected. Experts say that it will take months for the state to be rebuilt.