Filmmaker Anurag Basu’s stunning revelation on what son Ranbir Kapoor did after learning about Rishi Kapoor’s cancer diagnosis; legendary actor fought with wife during treatment over ‘cake’


Filmmaker Anurag Basu has made a sensational revelation about late Rishi Kapoor’s struggle with leukaemia for two years before his tragic death on 30 April this year. Basu said that he was among the first few people who Ranbir Kapoor had informed about his father’s diagnosis. Another revelation made by the filmmaker was how Rishi Kapoor had friendly fights with wife Neetu Kapoor during his cancer treatment.

Ranbir, who became very close to his father during his cancer treatment, had apparently discussed about the possible line of treatment for Rishi Kapoor. That’s because Anurag himself is a leukaemia survivor. He had successfully recovered from leukaemia in 2004.

The filmmaker made the stunning revelation in conversation with Mumbai Mirror, “I was among the first few to know. We discussed what line of treatment he should take. I shared the number of my doctor with him and they spoke to him and told me what they had decided.”

Anurag also revealed that doctors had banned sweets for late Rishi Kapoor even though he insisted on eating cakes. “Neetuji spoke about the treatment, Chintuji, like always, was in his element, trying to dig into cake. Since he was not allowed to have sweets, Neetuji tried to keep him away and this led to a fight between them. It was very cute,” Anurag was quoted as saying.

Rishi Kapoor had died 24 hours after another iconic Bollywood star, Irrfan Khan, succumbed to cancer.

Irrfan was diagnosed with high-grade NeuroEndocrine cancer in 2018. He had travelled to London for the treatment and returned home last year. After his return to Mumbai, the popular actor had penned an emotional note to his fans, stating that he wanted to ‘pause to be grateful’ for the ‘immense love and support’ that he received from them.

As for Rishi Kapoor, he was diagnosed with leukaemia, as revealed by a statement from his family after his death.

Ranbir Kapoor had performed the last rites of his father while his sister Riddhima remained stuck in Delhi due to the nationwide lockdown to fight coronavirus.

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