Fans rivalry in Tamil Nadu takes ugly turn as #RIPJosephVijay trends; tweets linked to Mahendra Singh Dhoni as IPL 2022 starts


Cricket and cinema fans in India woke up to hashtag #RIPJosephVijay trending across the country hours before the start of the new season of IPL. The trend left fans of Tamil actor Joseph Vijay concerned about the well-being of their screen idol. The first impression from the overwhelming number of tweets under the hashtag was that the popular actor had passed away. Some tweets said that the actor had ended his life by suicide since Mahendra Singh Dhoni decided to pass on the captaincy of the Chennai Super Kings to Ravindra Jadeja.

However, soon it emerged that the claims made by a section of Twitter users were fake and the actor was in good health.

Here’s a snapshot of tweets posted under hashtag #RIPJosephVijay.

The hashtag falsely declaring the death of an actor, who was recently voted as the most popular Tamil star by an Indian publication, did not go down well with many social media users.

They took to the microblogging site to register their disgust.

It seems those trending #RIPJosephVijay are the fans of another Tamil actor, Ajith, who were angered by the trolling of their star by Vijay fans. The rivalry between the two fans is well known. Not too long ago, Vijay fans had mocked Ajith, whose film Nerkonda Parvai releases on 8 August. Fans of both these actors are always quick to compare the box office successes of their respective stars.

Many argued that both Vijay and Ajith should take a public stand against the antics of their fans now that they had gone too far.