Fan calls Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh ‘horrible people’ after being yelled at Disneyland


A fan in the US has called Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh ‘horrible people’ after she said the couple yelled at her when she requested for a photo with them at Disneyland recently.

As first exclusively reported by Janta Ka Reporter on Friday, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone had indeed lost their temper after being identified by a fan in Disneyland in Florida.

While rest of the media were sharing the happy faces of them in the viral videos, we detected that all was not well with the Bollywood star couple. But in the absence of a concrete evidence we could only report that Ranveer was frowning at the camera. (Read here)

Now hours later, a fan has indeed come forward and made stunning allegations against Ranveer and Deepika. The fan, who identified herself as Zainab N Khan, wrote on her Instagram story, “I was a really big fan, but after meeting such horrible people, I have no words. First of all, I did not ‘follow them around’, I’m not a damn paparazzi. I am on vacation and I have better things to do with my life than chase around celebrities.”

In the video, Zainab is heard approaching Ranveer and Deepika before asking if she could click a photo with them. But, even before she expresses her wish, Deepika is seen leaving Ranveer’s hand in anger and turning towards Zainab. Her expressions show that she is not at all pleased about being approached by the fan.  Another photo appeared on social media, where Ranveer is seen giving a frowning look.

Zainab in her Insta story has revealed what happened after Deepika approached her. She wrote, “When she walked towards me smiling, I really thought she was coming to take a picture, but her and Ranveer actually came and yelled at me. The reason why I did not record them yelling at me is because they were right in my face and I was traumatised by their loud tone,”

It seems Zainab wasn’t the only one Ranveer and Deepika misbehaved with. A user identified as Dua took to comments section of the photo posted by one of Deepika’s fan groups. She wrote, “So rude to me and my family.” When one Deepika fan justified the star couple’s anger, Dua replied, “When your famous, you have no privacy. We weren’t in their faces. So please give me a break. It is totally legal, and if they wanted privacy they wouldn’t have come to one of the most famous places. The way they treated us was horrible and no matter how famous you are you have no right to do that.”

This damaging PR exercise by Ranveer and Deepika have come just before they are planning to get married. Diaspora community contributes a lot to the Bollywood films’ earnings at the box office. The alleged disdain shown by stars to their awestruck fans doesn’t augur well for them in particular and the reputation of Bollywood in general.

Though the couple has not yet commented on these serious allegations, they ought to break their silence to redeem themselves.