Elon Musk’s Twitter suspends its $8 subscription programme after chaos caused by imposters: Report


Elon Musk’s Twitter has reportedly suspended its plan to charge users $8 every month to have their accounts verified with blue badges. The news of Twitter deciding to suspend its much-publicised programme came hours after the microblogging site had to deal with the growing problem of imposters acquiring the blue ticks to post highly objectionable content.


The news of Twitter was first reported by the Platformer website. This was confirmed by another report by the Bloomberg website, which quoted a person familiar with the move.

Musk himself has not written anything on Twitter, where he’s seen posting innumerable tweets every day.

Twitter faced utter chaos this week after one Twitter user posed himself as former US President George W Bush and tweeted, “I miss killing Iraqis.”

Another user impersonating former British Prime Minister Tony Blair quoted that tweet and wrote, “Same tbh.”

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Another user posing as Nintendo posted a picture of Super Mario showing the middle finger, while another purporting to be OJ Simpson tweeted: “Ya I’m ngl I did that s***.”

One user acquired the blue tick by impersonating as basketball legend LeBron James and wrote that he was ‘officially requesting a trade.’

Another user posed as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and posted an offensive tweet about Nancy Pelosi. The account @RudyGiulaniESQ was also suspended.