ED Raids on National Herald offices ploy to divert attention from price rise & unemployment”: Congress

Photo : PTI

The Congress has reacted angrily to the nationwide raids on the offices of its mouthpiece, National Herald, by the Enforcement Directorate on Tuesday. The party said that the ED’s decision to conducts raids on the offices of National Herald in Delhi and 11 other locations smaked of the Narendra Modi government’s desperation to divert attention from price rise and rising unemployment.

National Herald
Photo : PTI

Speaking to reports, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said, “In Independent India, there is perhaps no other governmental and no other place, where politics has sunk to this rock bottom. This is absolute rock bottom for Indian politics. To settle petty personal scores, to intimidate India’s opposition, the Modi government is doing exactly what the British did during the freedom struggle. During the freedom struggle, the British had banned and had raided National Herald that’s exactly what the Modi government is doing.”

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ED raids on offices linked to National Herald on Tuesday came just days after the federal probe agency grilling Congress President Sonia Gandhi in a money laundering case.

Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said, “I am telling same thing, See, this is a politics of Vendetta. They should not have done, just they want to suppress the voice of Congress Party and they want to make a fear atmosphere and they want to demoralize Congress Workers, they are doing it, but, Congress people are not going to afraid of these things and they will fight and we are fighting since long, so many cases will fight and so many times, they called our people and they are targeting only Congress because they targeted, first, they called Rahul Gandhi Ji, they called Sonia Gandhi Ji, and today they have raided nearly 13-14 places.”

Kharge said that National Herald was a nonprofit making trust, ‘which is running a news paper, and which a newspaper was running under laws.’

“They wanted to bring back. As the role of National Herald was very important in 1938-1947-1948, freedom movement, up to that also it was giving a correct picture and most of the planning and other things, they used to explain people through that news paper, but, today they want to completely demolish and non BJP leaders are arrested.

“You tell me, any single BJP leader he has arrested or raided- not and those who have raided from various other parties, they were taken in the middle and today, their interest are set …, and you know kill democracy by doing this our many state governments destroyed, those states were elected by people, people supported government they purchased the MLAs and they are doing all these things. This is very bad for the democracy and also, they want to destroy the constitution and now the Congress Party will fight that,” Kharge added.