Does Zain Kapoor look like Mira Rajput or Shahid Kapoor? Debate rages on

Mira Rajput on Friday finally shared the first photo of her new-born son Zain Kapoor, weeks after both she and Shahid Kapoor welcomed the arrival of their second baby. Taking to Instagram on Friday, Mira posted the photo of Zain Kapoor.


While posting the first photo of little Zain, Bollywood’s newest Mom wrote, “Hello World.” Dressed in maroon kurta, Zain looked simply adorable. While fans were quick to debate who the little baby resembled the most, the overwhelming consensus was that he looked incredibly cute.

One fan wrote, “May Almighty protect him from evil eyes.” “Oohhhhh goodddd…. cutteeesssttt,” wrote another fan.  Another comment read, “he ıs amazıng.” “Adorable part 2 , part 1 is misha,” said another fan.

There were many, who felt that Zain looked like Mira Rajput, while other disagreed.

The couple had earned social media users’ wrath on Wednesday after they posted their intimate photo, showing them intensely lip-locked. A lot of their fans had taken offence to their act particularly because they had chosen to extend their Diwali greetings using this photo.

Shahid and Mira Rajput had celebrated Diwali with their family as the former’s mother Neelima Azim too had joined the party. Last month, Mira had posted the photo of Zain sleeping his cradle as Misha looked at him. But, Zain’s face was not visible in the photo.

Zain was born in late September this year. Shahid and Mira already have a two-year-old daughter Misha Kapoor.

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