Disha Patani brutally trolled for ‘photoshopped’ pic showing ‘mismatched’ breasts


Actress Disha Patani one of the few Bollywood actresses, who loves to flaunt her hot body with confidence. Although her decision to pose in undergarments has invited public wrath making her a soft target of incessant trolling, this has not deterred her from posting more such photos.

Not too long ago, when she posted a photo by wearing undergarments of a brand that she was promoting, her timeline was deluged with hate messages with users slamming her for promoting obscenity. Fans were incensed because Disha had chosen to post the photo on the occasion of Hindu festival of Diwali. Irked by constant trolling, Disha had disabled the ‘comments’ option from that post.

Disha on Tuesday posted another photo of herself wearing an embellished white off-shoulder gown. Although, most of her fans loved her looks in the stylish outfit, the eagle-eyed amongst them were quick to detect some glaring anomalies in Disha’s pic. While some said that sharp edge of her right shoulder appeared to have been badly edited, others focussed on the ‘mismatched’ size of her breasts.

One user, Piyush Bhawsar, asked, “ek uper aur ek neeche kyon lag raha hai. Lagta hai editing sahi nahi hui hai. (Why is one (breast) going up while the other one is going down? It seems the editing hasn’t been done properly.)” User Prince Singh Chauhan agreed and asked if the pic in question was badly ‘photoshopped.’ User Partha asked, “How come so big. Looks like a case of over editing.”

Disha is rumoured to be romantically linked with actor Tiger Shroff. Both have regularly been spotted while out and about in Mumbai for meal. On Tuesday too, many users were seen disparagingly holding Tiger responsible for the unusual size of Disha’s breasts.

On professional front, Disha will be seen in Salman Khan-starrer Bharat. She was recently in Delhi for the launch of a fashion apparel brand that she endorses.

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