“Disgraceful and low level”: Arnab Goswami launched blistering attack against former boss Rajdeep Sardesai for comments on Sushant Singh Rajput; demands Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest

Arnab Goswami on Monday night launched a tirade against his former NDTV boss, Rajdeep Sardesai, as he demanded arrest for Rhea Chakraborty while attempting to link Sushant Singh Rajput’s death to the suicide of the latter’s ex-manager Disha Salian. Goswami termed Sardesai’s recent comment describing Sushant ‘not such a big star’ ‘disgraceful’ and ‘abhorrent.’

Arnab Goswami

This was after a panelist on his show sought to draw the Republic TV founder’s attention to comments made by Sardesai. The Republic TV guest said, “What’s the fear? What will come up, I don’t know. Some reporters from another channel, a very famous journalist says, ‘he was a very small star. What does that mean?”

Goswami asked, “Who said that?”

The guest replied, “Rajdeep Sardesai, Aaj Tak, India Today.” Even before the guest could complete his sentence, Goswami replied, “Ridiculous. Sushant was called a small star. That’s the most, may I respond? If that’s true because I am not aware if the individual you mentioned made such abhorrent, disgraceful and low level remark. But, if anybody made such a comment on Sushant, I think people will judge.”

A video of Sardesai had recently gone viral where he was seen discussing the controversy over the death of Sushant Singh Rajput with a colleague from the India Today Group. Sardesai was seen saying, “Whether it’s the Police Commissioner in Mumbai or the DGP in Bihar, questions have been raised on all of them that what kind of actions are you taking and on whose instructions you are doing this? Can they indeed now take action independently now?”


Sardesai had continued, “Let’s be also honest, Sushant Singh Rajput was not such a big star that the police should come under so much pressure. What was the reason for this pressure.”

Goswami on Monday night once again attempted to link Sushant’s tragic death to the death of Disha Salian, who had reportedly committed suicide just days before the Kedarnath actor’s body was found from his flat in Mumbai. Goswami said, “Tonight more proof emerges that the Mumbai Police tried to desperately cover-up the mysterious death of Disha Salian. As you already know, Sushant had information on Disha and had received a call from her just before she died. Sushant was disturbed about it and there are corroborative testimonies that he wanted to do a press conference on it. And then he died.”

Last week, the Mumbai Police had rubbished Republic TV’s claims that Disha’s body was found naked.

2 thoughts on ““Disgraceful and low level”: Arnab Goswami launched blistering attack against former boss Rajdeep Sardesai for comments on Sushant Singh Rajput; demands Rhea Chakraborty’s arrest”

  1. Republic TV is maligning the Mumbai Police and Bollywood, there is no truth in the 15 Cr Embezzlement done by Rhea and her family.
    Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is using this Bihar FIR to Score Brownie Points in Bihar upcoming Elections.
    The BJP is diverting people from Covid Fiasco to Shushant Suicide.
    The Manner in which the Actor committed Suicide is amazing, good Bollywood Movie can come up in a Swinging & Hanging Death by Suicide.
    If there was a Murder or Assault the Dog Fudge would have shown tremendous agression against any intruder.

  2. There should be an inquiry by an independent body of journalists into why Republic TV and a media that airs 2 English language TV channels, run this kind of media trial in this case. They obviously have an axe to grind. They are likely to be in the pay rolls of some political party or partisan group and may need to be exposed.


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