‘Despicable man’ Arnab Goswami ordered to apologise for derogatory slur on innocent citizen

Arnab Goswami, who founded Republic TV in partnership with BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, has been asked to air an on-air apology on 7 September at 9 pm for casting slur on an ordinary citizen.

The story was first carried by Janta Ka Reporter, where the aggrieved person’s wife, then a professor with Delhi University, had lashed out at the controversial TV anchor calling him a ‘despicable man’ for branding her husband a ‘vulgar thug.’

Writing exclusively for Janta Ka Reporter, Pratishtha Singh had said that she was ‘shocked to find her husband’s face flashing on Arnab Goswami’s show’ during his channel’s coverage of Jignesh Mevani’s rally in Delhi.

“He, among many others, was being shown in still images with a halo of red dots crowning his head. Arnab Goswami, the GOSSIP KING in all his delicacy, was shouting at supporters of Mewani and asking for a reply,” Singh had written. (You can read her blog here)

Mevani posted the copies of the NBSA order on Twitetr and wrote, “For Urgent attention of Media : Here is the copy of National Broadcasting Authority of India’s order asking Republic TV to tender fullscreen apology for using defamatory stuff against me & our team in its coverage of ‘Yuva Hunkar Rally’ back in Jan. Shame on Banana Republic.”

Singh’s husband, A Singh, had filed a complaint before the broadcasting watchdog, NBSA, alleging that Goswami’s channel had wrongly accused him of harassing one of his female reporters at Mevani’s Hunkar Rally in New Delhi’s Parliament Street.

Singh said that the channel had used a visual of him by encircling his face and called him a “vulgar thug”, “pervert”, “goon”, “sexist”, “hyena” and “anti-Indian.”

In its ruling the NBSA said, “NBSA was of the view that the use of words like “I am going to show these crude, lewd hyenas / show the dirty faces of news cheap, vulgar, sexist, pervert anti-India goons” by Mr Arnab Goswami who was anchoring the programme, while the channel focused on the face of the complainant (by marking his face by a circle of red dots) from among the persons at the rally venue who allegedly threatened / harassed its female news reporter, was totally unwarranted and unjustified and the same was in violation of the Broadcasting Standards.”

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