Demand grows for Arnab Goswami to apologise after Delhi court acquits man that his TV channel dubbed as ‘pervert’ four years ago


A Delhi court last week acquitted a Delhi man of molestation charges four years after he was widely dubbed as ‘pervert’ and ‘Delhi Ka Darinda’ by TV channels. Netizens have now sharpened their attack against Arnab Goswami, whose previous TV channel Times Now had labelled him a ‘pervert’ after a Delhi girl, Jasleen Kaur, sensationally accused Sarvjeet Singh Bedi of molestation at a traffic signal in Delhi in 2015.

Arnab Goswami

Taking to Facebook Sarvjeet, now 28, wrote, “The Verdict is out. I am ACQUITTED! I wish to thank Waheguru ji for keeping His eye on me, and all of you for your tremendous support. My friends and well-wishers made it possible. Most of all, my mother who stood by me like a pillar. Her faith in me was the major driving force that made me see each day with courage. And of course, Shikha Khanduja Kaul who has guided me through this. She is like an elder sister I never had. The book she has written on my case will be out soon!”

Four years ago, Jasleen Kaur had taken to Twitter to post a photo of Singh alleging that the latter passed lewd comments at her.

However, she moved to Canada soon after the hearing in her molestation case began as she was found to be absent during the court hearings on most occasions.

Now that the court has acquitted Singh of molestation charges, netizens have begun asking for an apology from Goswami, who was the editor-in-chief of Times Now when the TV channel ran a campaign against Singh through its coverage.

Singh also wrote in his Facebook post that one Shikha Khanduja Kaul has written a book on his case. The book, according to him, will be out soon.

Singh has said on several occasions that the episode adversely impacted his life as not only did he lose his job after Kaur’s allegations but failed to get any job in the future because of being demonsied by Indian TV channels.

P.S. Janta Ka Reporter too had interviewed Jasleen Kaur soon after her social media post triggered a full-blown controversy. We had also invited Singh for a similar interview, which he had politely declined. 

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