Delhi University student says she was slapped by ABVP goons, photo goes viral


A Delhi University law student on Friday alleged that she was slapped by two ABVP members inside the university campus. Minutes after she posted her photo, it went viral on social media eliciting angry reactions.

While posting the photo, Kawalpreet Kaur, the president of student AISA in Delhi University, wrote, “ABVP guys in Kirori Mal College slapped and harrased (sic) me when I came to college. The guard actively encouraged the ABVP when they assaulted us.”

In the photo, Kawalpreet is seen in tears. This went viral in no time, evoking reactions from thousands of users. One user wrote, “Dear Kawalpreet, I stand with you in Solidarity it’s highly condemnable; to register an FIR the name of the accused is not necessary you’ve the photograph of both the accused. The people will verify from it’s own sources.”

Anotehr user commented, “They are coward only they can fighting because of getting support of so called Indian patriotic leaders.” “Kawalpreet kaur, you do what ever you want. These people are making hazardous campus. Women are always worship. Our Thoughts are different, ideology can different but harass any women or students are not allowed,” another commented.

Moments later, the alleged victim posted the photo of two men, who she said were her attackers. She wrote, “These are the two ABVP people who slapped me. If anyone knows their names then please let us know. We are going to file FIR against them. No more GoondaGardi in campus.”

She later posted more details about her alleged attackers sharing the screenshots of their Facebook profile and urging everyone to contact police since they were on the run.

This is not the first time that the Delhi University has seen the violence committed by the members of the BJP’s student wing, ABVP. In the past the goons belonging to ABVP had given grief to student activist Gurmehar Kaur while issuing her rape and death threats. Gurmhar, daughter of a Kargil martyr, had posted a video opposing war.

Later, Kawalpreet took to Facebook to narrate her woes in detail;

“Friends, I am just back from the hospital and want to tell you all about what exactly happened today at Kirori Mal College

Today when I, along with my two friends went to Kirori Mal College for meeting a professor where I faced shameful incident of violence on me. When me and my friends were walking in the college, we saw our friends campaigning in the college and we joined them. Then we saw that we were followed by four people from ABVP who were constantly passing comments on us and we’re threatening us to move out of the college. I am student of Delhi University and as a student leader of Delhi University I believe that I can move freely in my university without being stopped by the ABVP. But we were constantly abused by those people. When I asked them not to do so, they started hurling abuses at me and humiliated me infront of my friends. They used such shameful words for me which I can’t spell out here. It made me feel very humiliated and provoked me so much that my natural response was to slap him which I did. Immediately, without losing a second, the guy slapped me so tightly that I lost my balance for seconds and I had tears in my eyes. After this that guy ran away and when my friend Dhiraj ran to get hold of him, he was surrounded by atleast 12-15 ABVP just before the college main gate. They assaulted brutally until a professor stopped them and rescued Dhiraj. They were saying that Dhiraj had said that ‘Hindustan Murdabad’ that’s why he deserves this and so does his friends. They also said that these people are urban naxals. As I write this, Dhiraj is getting his undergoing his x-ray test in Hindu Rao hospita. Immediately after this one of my other friend Prasenjit called up the police as I broke down in tears after which the police came.

I just want to say to everyone that all these attacks won’t put us down. We will fight the humiliation and wouldn’t be bow down by these attacks. I was told later that they were Mohit Dahiya, Sandeep Sharma and others are still unidentified.”