Delhi Police bust Oxygen Concentrator racket after raids at city restaurants; revelation on ownership of Khan Chacha restaurant leaves Hindutva supporters red-faced


The Delhi Police have busted an oxygen concentrator racket after they recovered a large number of medical equipment from multiple locations including bar and restaurants in south Delhi. The latest raid was conducted on the popular restaurant Khan Chacha in Khan Market, prompting Hindutva supporters to link the racket to the Muslim community. However, the bigots were left red-faced after it emerged that the owner of Khan Chacha restaurants is one Navneet Kalra, who’s now believed to be absconding.

The Delhi Police had earlier raided a restaurant and bar Nege Ju, also owned by Navneet Kalra, and recovered 419 oxygen cylinders. Sharing the video of their raids, the Delhi Police had tweeted, “BIGGEST HAUL | 419 #OxygenConcentrators seized by @DCPSouthDelhi #DelhiPolice PS Lodhi cly team from restaurant & bar Nege Ju and a south delhi farmhouse in raid on #hoarding #blackmarketing Were criminally profiteering by selling at 3 & half time rates to needy ppl. 4 arrested.”

No sooner did the news of the police raid at Khan Chacha restaurant emerge, Hindutva supporters began to celebrate as they felt the owner of the restaurant was a Muslim given the association of Khan, a Muslim surname, to the brand. However, netizens moved in with lightning speed to clarify that the owner was Kalra, who is accused of cheating the restaurants’ legal owners to usurp the popular brand name.

According to an estimate, the Delhi Police have recovered more than 524 oxygen concentrators from their raids. Both Kalra and his manager Hitesh are on the run. The police were alerted by the racket after they stumbled upon a WhatsApp message sent by Kalra to one of his associates detailing his bank account details. The Delhi Police busting the racket involving Kalra assumes significance given that the national capital lost tens of thousands of people for the want of oxygen during the pandemic.

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