Deepika Padukone earns plaudits for incredible gesture towards sister Anisha


Deepika Padukone may have become a huge Bollywood star and has millions of fan following. But her stardom has not made her forget her loved ones a bit.

Deepika’s public display of love for younger sister Anisha was in full display recently on social media when she corrected a newspaper headline calling the latter as the ‘Other Padukone.’

Posting the newspaper interview of her golfer sister, Deepika wrote, “Not the ‘other’ Padukone. ‘The’ Padukone! I’m so proud of you my little baby girl.” No sonner did she post the newspaper clipping, her fans began to applaud her for her incredible gesture towards her sibling. One fan commented, “Your dad was our hero. I read about him when I was a small kid. For us, prakash padukone will always be ‘the’ padukone.” “Great job the sister in their own….keep it up,” commented another user. Another fan wrote, “Wow ,now we do have 2 queen of hearts,2 superstars and 2 padukones,from now onwards i’m going to love even.”

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not the ‘other’ Padukone…’The’ Padukone! I’m soo proud of you my little baby girl…❤️ @anishapadukone

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Deepika and Anishra are the two daughters of badminton legend Prakash Padukone and wife Ujjala. This is not the first time she has expressed her love for Anisha in public. She has often posted with her younger sister on her Instagram. More recently, the Padmaavat actor had also appeared on a chat show, hosted by Neha Dhupia with Anisha.

She had recently posted a childhood photo of with her sister with comments that she will always be here to love and protect her.

On work front, Deepika’s next project is going to be feature in xXx 4. She was also set to be in a film opposite Irrfan Khan, but the project has been shelved indefinitely due to the latter’s poor health.

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