Crazy dance by this former Bigg Boss contestant on Delhi road leaves citizens stunned


We’ve come across plenty of theories stating that one of the criterion for selecting the contestants for the reality show Bigg Boss has always been to go for insane characters. This usually helps the makers of the reality TV show attain high TRPs for their show.

No wonder that these contestants, even when they are out of the show, continue to make headlines because of their insane acts. The latest in the series is Benafsha Soonawalla, who appeared in the Bigg Boss season 11.

She has recently appeared in a music video by Suyyash Rai and Star Boy LoC along with model Divya Agrawal. Suyyash was also a former Bigg Boss contestant in season 9. Their music video Bob Marley has already clocked 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Divya and Suyyash on Sunday posted two videos of their crazy dance on a Delhi street. In the video, both Divya and Benfsha are seen getting out of their car while breaking into a crazy dance in front of a stunned public. The music of Bob Marley can be heard being played inside the car.

While posting the video, Divya wrote, “Hum pagal hain !!! Haaan HUM PAGAL hain.”

Suyyash to posted a similar video from a different location in Delhi. His caption read, “1 MILLION HAPPINESS ON THE ROADS OF DELHiiii”

The reaction to their crazy dance on the street has been mixed. One user wrote in praise, “omg kya baat h sahi h boos lage raho keep it up love u forever.” But there were others who declared both the lyrics of the song and dance ‘third grade.’

Earlier two other former Bigg Boss contestants, Arshi Khan and Hina Khan, were seen appearing in music videos, Nakhre and Bhasoodi respectively.

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