Cost of Nita Ambani’s handbag could supply water to 80,000 Indians for one year

Karisma Kapoor recently shared a photo of herself with Nita Ambani, wife of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, as part of her London diaries. Also present in the photo was her sister Kareena Kapoor Khan. While sharing the photo, Karisma wrote, “Wonderful afternoon.” She also used the hashtag #LondonDiaries. However, soon the focus of social media conversation turned to Nita Ambani’s handbag, believed to be costing Rs 2.6 crore.

A report by IANS said that the bag flaunted by Nita Ambani in the group photo with Kareena and Karisma was a 200-diamond-encrusted—Himalaya Birkin bag. The news agency quoted quoted as saying that the Himalaya Birkin Bag was considered to be the ‘Holy Grail in a Handbag’ collection.

What makes this bag unique is the fact that it has more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware. Back in 2017, the white Himalaya crocodile diamond style bag fetched $379,261 at an auction with Christie’s, making it the most expensive bag ever.


The photo went viral on social media platforms evoking mixed reactions from users. However, an overwhelmingly large group of netizens concluded that spending so much money on a bag was a sheer waste of money. One user wrote on Twitter, “Disgusting. This bag could have cleaned up the hospitals where over 150 little children died in the most disgusting circumstances, but not more disgusted than this bag Nita Ambani’s crocodile skin handbag, studded with 240 diamonds, cost Rs 2.6 cr.” Political analyst Sumanth Raman wrote, “A Diamond studded handbag costing 2 crores? Can’t see the Gates or Zuckerberg spouses carry something like this. Somehow we in India have a compulsive need to flaunt wealth.”

No doubt, Nita Ambani has been involved in many philanthropic initiatives, but given the rate with which people are dying in India due to the water crisis, the money spent by India’s richest woman could have been used to harvest 12.75 billion litre rainwater annually. This could solve the water problem for nearly 80,000 people for one year. According to website, Rs 4.5 lakh was required to harvest 170 million litres of water annually. Since the average usage of water by a person has been estimated to be 340 litres per day, Rs 2.6 crore could be used to potentially harvest enough rainwater for nearly 80,000 people to use all through the year.

A report by CNN recently made a grim forecast about India’s water crisis stating that about 100 million people across India were on the front line of a nationwide water crisis and total of 21 major cities are poised to run out of groundwater next year. It also said that if effective water management plans were not initiated, the country’s 40% population will not have access to drinking water by 2030.


3 thoughts on “Cost of Nita Ambani’s handbag could supply water to 80,000 Indians for one year”

  1. You can’t have such nonsense headlines! Wealth is unevenly distributed around the world, not just in India. You cannot expect the richer in the world to not enjoy what they or their ancestors worked hard for, they do their part of donations to the community, but labeling their handbags cost or their other luxury and comparing them with other problems in India is not fair. It’s the government’s job not the Ambani’s job. And these rich people also donate their fair share during election campaign but you media never have anything good to say then.

  2. What Nita Ambani is spending, is just a show off of levisness. What she wants to prove is that she has lots of money. Otherwise no need to place diamond on purse. One can place diamond on bra even. But no one will see it covered by top.

    Well, she has money and she wants to show it. Why do we have to worry. ? We just don’t need to see it. Why do we indulge in someone’s business. Today we have not that money so we talk about people having no drinking water or bla bla bla. If you are driving a car, someone can think, u sell car and from that selling you can feed lots of poor and you drive a cycle.

  3. Why the hell everybody is blaming Nita Ambani for carrying expensive bag…it’s her money. She can do anything she wants. She is not responsible for solving water crisis of the nation or serving dying people. She is not the president of the nation. She is already doing many philanthropic work. Will you donate your ₹2500 for water crisis which u have saved to buy a Lavie bag and inturn will buy ₹ 200 bag from patri bazar? Come on people be practice and stop blaming Ambani’s for spending so much. They work hard for that. Let them enjoy with THEIR money.P


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