Controversial godman of Bageshwar Dham faces condemnation for making objectionable comments about Hindu women, likens them to available ‘plot’ of land


Controversial Hindu godman Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham has found himself in another spot of bother after a video of him making objectionable comments about women went viral on social media. Shastri likened women to ‘plot’ of land and invoked pet dogs with leash as he addressed his followers.

Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham

In the viral video, Shastri could be heard saying, “women, who have got married, have two identities. Vermillion on on the head and mangalsutra (the wedding chain around neck to symbolise marriage). Assuming if they don’t have maang ka sindoor or mangalsutra, what do think of them? This plot (of land) is available.”

He didn’t stop here as the controversial Hindu godman continued to make objectionable comments in the presence of women, who were seen enjoying his cringeworthy analogy.

“If they (Hindu women) have maang ka sindoor and mangalsutra around their necks, then we conclude from a distance the registry (of the plot) is complete,” Shastri added.

He then proceeded to draw another analogy to compare the followers of Hinduism with pet dogs.

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Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham said, “There are two kinds of dogs. one is your pet and another is faaltu (useless).”

According to Shastri, the pet dogs have leash around their necks just like followers of Ram have special chain around their necks.

His comments evoked angry reactions from netizens. Journalist Raksha wrote, “According to Shastri ji of Bageshwar, the woman who did not wear vermilion and mangalsutra, people consider her to be a woman that the plot is still vacant. Wah re baba. Will Hindu nation be made with such roadside thinking?”

Another user, Sujata, wrote, “We also have to find out which plots are vacant. You also wear mangalsutra and fill your demand. An anti-social has been made a baba. Shame on the society we women live in. Really unlucky.”

Similar reaction from other users, who felt that Shastri had insulted Hindu women. Though they demanded action against him, it’s highly unlikely Shastri will face action given his proximity to the BJP.